How to get AIR 1 in GATE Mechanical Engineering Exam?

By Mona Kumari|Updated : January 31st, 2022

Mechanical engineering students who opt for the GATE exam are aiming for good ranks in order to either get placed in the PSUs or get admitted in the IITs for Post Graduate education programs. Getting AIR 1 in GATE Mechanical exam can be a tough but possible task for candidates. In the year 2021, students with GATE AIR 1 had the highest score in all disciplines in GATE with 93.22 marks out of 100.

Ranking high in the GATE exam is praised highly and a topic of joy for any student. In this article, we will talk about methods and strategies that you can follow in order to know how to get AIR 1 in the GATE Mechanical exam.

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AIR 1 GATE ME Strategy

GATE Mechanical engineering exam is considered one of the toughest and most competitive exams in GATE. Scoring high moreover scoring AIR 1 in GATE ME is a challenging task for students. Competition is quite high for the same. But with proper planning and execution, it can be achieved. 

The important tips to get AIR 1 GATE ME are: 

  • Download the GATE ME syllabus from the official website.
  • Decide your preparation time.
  • Keep Base strong and the concepts clear.
  • Complete your GATE ME syllabus ASAP.
  • Practice numerical problems.
  • Attempt a number of mock tests.

Let us discuss all these in detail in the coming sections.

Download the GATE ME Syllabus from the Official Website

To every GATE appearing student, downloading the syllabus is advised to be done from the official GAT website only. In order to know the GATE ME exam pattern as well, students shall follow the official website only. Students shall check the Official GATE website for all the notifications related to the ME exam.

Decide Your Preparation Time

Students shall consider the time until the GATE ME exam. Plan and decide the time that you will take to prepare for the exam. Assign 4-5 hours every day to the preparation. Decide the months by which you will finish the syllabus, complete the revision and attempt mock tests. Every step in the preparation shall be decided and well followed.  

Keep Base Strong and the Concepts Clear

When you start preparation, always focus on making your conceptual knowledge strong. Creating a strong base will help you to solve complicated problems on the day of the examination.

In order to get AIR 1 students are required to solve almost every question correctly. The known score of GATE ME AIR 1 in 2021 was 93.22. This proves that the competition for the GATE Mechanical exam is really high. Strong conceptual knowledge is the 

Complete Your GATE ME Syllabus ASAP

The first target for any student shall be completing the syllabus a few months before the exam. Completing the syllabus in the month of September or at most October is recommended. This will give GATE ME preparing students enough time to revise and build a strong grip over the concepts. 

Completing the syllabus on time will be really beneficial to focus on important aspects of preparation other than completing the syllabus.  

Practice GATE Numerical Problems

Numerical problems are the first and foremost thing that GATE ME preparing students shall focus on. Solving numerical problems for 2 hours every day shall be the priority of the students. Try solving the numerical problem as quickly as possible with as little help as possible. Numerical problems based on the GATE ME syllabus only shall be focused on. 

Attempt a Number of Mock Tests

To achieve All India Rank 1 in GATE ME, mock tests based on the syllabus are a must. Attempt as many full-length mock tests as possible. After finishing the syllabus, students shall start giving full-length online mock tests. Enrol yourself in the trusted portals to practice the GATE ME mock tests.

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  • To get 1 rank in GATE ME, students shall start preparation and finish the syllabus as early as possible. They should attempt an abundance of mock tests and practice papers. Solve previous year’s question papers multiple times.

  • Yes, students can get AIR 1 without coaching. They are advised to plan, create a schedule and follow the plan strictly. Complete syllabus, attempt mock tests, solve previous GATE ME papers and revise. 

  • Yes, the GATE exam is considered one of the best opportunities for Mechanical Engineering students. It not only gives the opportunity to get admission in the Master’s programs but also the opportunity to get placed in the PSUs. There are other opportunities kike getting Fellowship programs, teaching jobs, and a lot more.



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