How to Crack GATE Electrical without Coaching? Self-study Tips

By Mukul Yadav|Updated : March 14th, 2023

The preparation for the GATE electrical exam is possible without coaching. Many candidates have successfully cleared the GATE exam without coaching by following a disciplined self-study routine and utilizing online resources like textbooks, video lectures, and mock tests. With proper planning, time management, and dedication, candidates can prepare for the GATE exam on their own. They should focus on understanding the syllabus, identifying important topics, solving previous year's papers, taking mock tests, and analyzing their performance.

However, coaching can be beneficial for candidates who need extra guidance and support in their preparation. Coaching classes can provide a structured approach to preparation and help candidates in understanding complex topics. But it is not mandatory, and candidates can prepare for the GATE exam on their own with the right approach and mindset.

How to Crack GATE Electrical Without Coaching?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a competitive examination that tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science. The GATE exam is conducted every year and is a gateway for candidates to secure admission in prestigious institutes for postgraduate programs like M.Tech and Ph.D. GATE is one of the most sought-after exams in India, and every year lakhs of students appear for it.

Many candidates prefer to take coaching classes to prepare for GATE, but it is not necessary to crack the exam with self-discipline, dedication, and proper planning, candidates can crack the GATE exam without coaching. Here are some tips on how to crack GATE Electrical without coaching:

  1. Understand the Syllabus: The first step to preparing for the GATE exam is to understand the syllabus thoroughly. Candidates should go through the syllabus and analyze which topics are important and which topics can be skipped. Once the syllabus is clear, candidates can plan their preparation accordingly.

  2. Time Management: Time management is the key to success in the GATE exam. Candidates should prepare a timetable and allocate sufficient time for each subject and topic. The timetable should also include time for revision and mock tests.

  3. Study Material: Candidates can refer to standard textbooks and online resources to prepare for the GATE exam. There are various online resources like video lectures, study material, and mock tests available for free on the internet.

  4. Solve Previous Year Papers: Solving the previous year's paper is an essential part of GATE preparation. Candidates should solve as many previous year papers as possible to understand the exam pattern and the types of questions asked.

  5. Take Mock Tests: Mock tests are an excellent way to evaluate the level of preparation. Candidates should take mock tests regularly and analyze their performance to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  6. Focus on Important Topics: Candidates should focus on important topics like network theory, signals and systems, control systems, power systems, and electrical machines. These topics have a higher weightage in the GATE exam, and candidates should focus on them to score well.

  7. Stay Motivated: The GATE exam is a challenging exam, and candidates should stay motivated throughout the preparation. They should set short-term and long-term goals and work towards achieving them.

In conclusion, cracking the GATE exam without coaching is possible with proper planning, self-discipline, and dedication. Candidates should understand the syllabus, manage their time efficiently, refer to standard textbooks and online resources, solve previous year's papers and take mock tests regularly, focus on important topics, and stay motivated throughout the preparation.

Some Important Tips To Crack GATE EE on First Attempt

Here are the tips and strategies by which students can crack the GATE Electrical exam 2024 without coaching on their first attempt.

  • Know the GATE Electrical Exam and Pattern

The GATE Electrical exam is a CBT exam that is conducted online in the initial weeks of February each year. 65 questions will be asked in the GATE exam of 100 marks. Out of 65 questions, 10 will be from General Aptitude and the remaining 55 will be based on the Electrical subject.

  • Selection of Best study Sources and Books

The selection of books or study materials decides the journey of the preparation period of a student. Students shall be extra cautious about choosing study materials. Students can buy online GATE Electrical books to study as well.

  • Get a Hold of the Syllabus

Know the complete GATE Electrical syllabus. Find out the weightage of each topic of the GATE Electrical exam’s syllabus and assign hours accordingly. Prepare according to the allotted marks to get the most benefit out of the exam.

  • Solve Previous Year's Question Papers

Download the GATE Electrical previous year's question papers from online sources. Students can buy books of the previous year's question papers for the GATE Electrical exam. Solving previous year's papers will help students to understand the basic idea about the question papers, the trend of the questions, and the repetition of concepts.

  • Create a Plan and Follow

Creating and executing a study plan is a pivotal point of preparation. Students shall follow their plan until the commencement of the GATE Electrical exam. Set small goals and make sure you read them.

  • Revision of the Topics

Revision of all the topics is a mandatory task that should be done as many times as possible before the GATE exam. Revise every day and every week as you finish the topics.

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FAQs about How to Crack GATE Electrical without Coaching

  • Yes, there are many examples of meritorious students who cracked GATE without any coaching. Students with a positive attitude and hard work can comfortably crack the GATE exam.

  • Students can prepare for the GATE Electrical exam without any coaching. They are advised to buy reputed and trusted books, make their study plan, plan every day of the preparation, revise as much as possible, solve previous year's question papers, attempt mock test papers and revise all the formulas.

  • It is possible to get AIR 1 in GATE without coaching. Students can achieve such milestones with strong will and proper execution of the preparation plan.

  • Students with self-study can crack the GATE exam in 1 month. They are advised to study as much as possible with the final goal in mind and directly pointing the preparation according to the previous year's question paper of the GATE exam.

  • Self-study for GATE involves buying trusted books, studying for dedicated 9-10 hours, solving previous year question papers, revising the complete syllabus, and attempting plenty of mock test papers.

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