How to Crack the GATE Civil Engineering Exam 2022?

By Mona Kumari|Updated : January 17th, 2022

GATE Civil Engineering exam is considered one of the toughest exams for Civil Engineering graduates. Cracking GATE Civil Engineering will be done only by proper planning and execution of the plan. It is important for students to be aware of the competition in the GATE 2022.

Ranking well in the GATE Civil Engineering exam can lead to loads of opportunities like getting jobs in PSUs, Fellowship programs, admission in IITs etc. Let us explore the techniques on how to crack GATE Civil Engineering 2022.

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How to Prepare for GATE 2022 Civil Engineering (CE)

GATE 2022 Civil Engineering (CE) will be conducted by IIT Kharagpur which is one of the organizing members of the 8 institutions that conduct GATE each year. It most sought-after exam. Let us see how to prepare for GATE 2022 Civil Engineering(CE):

Start preparation for the GATE CE exam as early as possible

Students preparing for GATE CE are advised to start their preparation as soon as they can. GATE CE syllabus is really vast and can be tiring for students to finish. The higher number of days remaining for the GATE CE exam will help students to divide their load each day without being overburdened. 

Syllabus and important topics for GATE

Knowing the syllabus of the GATE CE is an important factor for students to prepare well for the exam. There are a total of 7 sections in the GATE CE syllabus apart from General Aptitude. All sections in the syllabus of the GATE Civil Engineering are:

  1. General Aptitude
  2. Engineering Mathematics
  3. Structural Engineering
  4. Environmental engineering
  5. Transportation Engineering
  6. Geotechnical Engineering
  7. Resources Engineering
  8. Geomatics Engineering

General Aptitude will carry 10 questions and CE subject-based questions will be 55 in number. General Aptitude is the common topic for all the GATE exams

Students can download the complete syllabus from the official GATE website. It is advised to only follow the official website for any notification regarding changes in the syllabus of GATE Civil Engineering.

Make targets

The best way to finish a syllabus is to create small targets. Finishing small targets will catch up to large targets step by step. Making daily targets and studying 7-8 hours every day is enough to complete the targets. For example, if we can divide a task into some targets and we can start preparing for those targets this we can actually start a process and during this process, we can actually achieve our goal. 

Targets are easy to track so we can easily track your progress. Let us understand this by an example. If we want to crack the gate exam we have to make the targets like first we need to cover the syllabus then we need to solve some sample papers and then we need to look for some previous years question papers.

These are our three targets to clear the gate. Now We have a systematic approach where we can reach our goal so first I will cover all the syllabus so if I am preparing for civil engineering then my focus will be to cover all the civil engineering course subjects so and after that complete the syllabus my next target will be to resolve all the question papers all previous year papers by this way I can actually evaluate myself that whether I am able to complete the syllabus on time or not

Clear the concepts

Clearing the concepts of GATE CE topics when faced is the best technique to tackle the doubts. Clearing doubt will help in building conceptual depth. If students are struggling with concepts they are advised to refer to standard books and study materials.
Clearing the doubts involves building a strong foundation that nurtures understanding topics and various ideas around that particular topic. So, a student has to ‘remember’ less. For instance, after clearing a doubt, a student possesses a  conceptual understanding of the topic. The student appreciates the learning and automatically prepares concepts rather than mugging them up.


Revision is a must process that is to be done despite the completion of the syllabus. Revise each day without missing a day to retain the concepts. Complete the revision of the whole syllabus as many times as possible. Revision of the multiple topics at a time shall be done similarly to the preparation strategy. 

Use of the short notes for the revision process and creating short notes after every revision is suggested to the candidates to take the most benefit of the GATE CE revision.

In the revision process, students improve their reading skills and analytical skills. Revision teaches students about the characteristics of good writing, which will move ahead into their future writing. Revision skills complement reading skills; revision requires that writers distance themselves from the writing. 

Mock tests and previous year papers

An important part of the preparation is attempting mock test papers. Mock test papers will help in checking the grip of the student on the topic and clearing conceptual knowledge. GATE CE Previous year question papers are also really important for the GATE Civil Engineering preparation. Students are required to join online portals for the mock test papers. This will make them feel the real exam day feeling while attempting the mock tests. Students are suggested to attempt GATE civil mock tests with utmost sincerity and honesty as this will be a pivotal point of the preparation. 

Things to keep in mind for GATE CE

Scoring well in GATE CE will be really game-changing for the career of the student. Scoring marks over 60 will be good marks and will help you get a good rank in the exam. The cutoff of the exam ranges generally from 25 to 35. While preparing, jumble the subjects together so that you prepare at least two subjects at a time. This will help you take a rest while preparing the subject and will break the monotony from a topic. 

Use of Gate CE Exam

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) CE is an examination conducted for admission into the Master’s Program and Job in Public Sector Companies in India. The test aims at testing the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in science and engineering. 

The performance of a candidate in GATE is reflected through the scorecard that stands valid for 3 years. There are various uses for appearing and clearing the GATE exam. 

Higher Studies (Masters and PhD Programme Admissions)

Candidates who apply for the GATE exam can choose to apply for higher studies programs through their GATE scorecard. GATE CE-qualified candidates can fill their applications for admission into reputed institutes like IITs, NITs, IISc, etc for higher studies. These institutes also offer admissions to PhD., PGDM, and PGDIE programs. 

Study Overseas

Another benefit for GATE CE cleared candidates is that they can apply for higher studies from foreign universities like the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, Technical University of Germany, and RWTH Aachen University.

Recruitment at Research Institutes 

GATE cleared candidates can pursue their careers in the research field as well. They are eligible for the award of Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories and CSIR sponsored projects. These research fellowships provide a stipend of Rs 31, 000 to Rs 35, 000 per month.

PSU Job Offers

Students after clearing the GATE exam and scoring a good rank get calls from PSUs for the jobs in different departments. They are required to fill the registration depending upon the notifications of the particular PSU. New joiners get a salary ranging from 7 LPA to 15 LPA.

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  • I probably can say it totally depends on the preparation and guidance you are using. For example, you are just discussing with your friends without consulting a friend or senior who has appeared for this exam before then yes, it’s tough. But if you follow accurate guidance and support then NO it’s not tough.

  • If you want to pursue M.Tech. from elite’s colleges like IITs then yes GATE will be really useful for CIVIL engineering. As in India Lakhs of students want to pursue M.Tech. from A colleges and seats are limited in those colleges so if you want to stand out from the crowd then GATE is the way for that. 

  • First, go through the syllabus carefully and complete all syllabus before time. If you have got a good idea about the syllabus then start looking for previous year exam papers. And evaluate yourself if you can complete all questions on time. And Make sure you if you are sure then only attend MCQ as those will be negative marking questions. So, if you are sure then leave them. 

    Now you are preparing for civil engineering then you must focus on your subjects too. As your subject will have more weightage.

  • A candidate who is currently studying in the 3rd or higher years of any undergraduate degree program. A candidate who has already completed any government-approved degree program in Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Science / Commerce / Arts is eligible for appearing in the GATE 2022 exam. However, the candidates who possess certification from any of the professional societies must ensure that those examinations conducted by the societies are approved by MoE/AICTE/UGC/UPSC as equivalent to B.E. / B.Tech. / B.Arch. / B.Planning, etc. Candidates who have obtained/are pursuing their qualifying degree from countries other than India: Must be currently in the 3rd or higher years or completed their Bachelor’s degree (duration: at least 3 years) in Engineering / Technology / Science / Arts / Commerce.

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