How can you Prepare for the CLAT Exam in 3 Months?

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : July 21st, 2022

How to Crack CLAT in 3 Months? It's not an easy task to prepare for the CLAT in just three months if you are not studying dedicatedly. Sometimes, it also depends on the candidates' conceptual clarity of the topics covered in the CLAT Syllabus. Additionally, it also depends on the time that candidates need to Prepare for the CLAT in 3 Months. 

The candidates who will be taking the CLAT Exam for the first time would require more time compared to the experienced candidates who will be retaking the exam. The basic thing is that the candidates with a proper study plan will be able to ace the CLAT in 3 Months with good scores. Below are the details on How to Crack CLAT in 3 Months.

Get an Idea of CLAT Exam Pattern 

First of all, the candidates must be cleared about the CLAT Exam Pattern. If the candidates review the paper pattern of CLAT, then they easily understand the basic details, including the topics covered, the number of questions, and the CLAT Marking Scheme. 

The candidates may know that there are in total of 150 passage-based MCQs asked in CLAT Question Paper. Each question carried one mark, with a CLAT Negative Marking of 0.25 points for each incorrect response. Candidates were given two hours to complete the CLAT Exam Paper. Note the table below for a basic overview of the CLAT Exam Pattern as your reference for the upcoming exam. 

Name of the Section

Number of Questions

English Language


Current Affairs, including General Knowledge


Legal Reasoning


Logical Reasoning


Quantitative Techniques




Strategy for CLAT Preparation in 3 Months

Candidates can check below the month-wise CLAT Preparation Strategy in 3 months.

CLAT Preparation Strategy: In First Month

Candidates should focus on covering the entire CLAT Syllabus in the first month. You should study all the major topics in the CLAT curriculum and start practicing previous year papers. Candidates should keep the following points in mind while preparing for CLAT in 3 Months:

  • Begin with the easy topics, those in which you have more confidence, and then start with the difficult ones. This will help you to score well in the CLAT Exam.
  • Try to learn atleast three topics each day per subject. Allocate time to each segment based on your ability to comprehend a topic. However, devote at least two hours to studying one section while preparing for CLAT in 3 Months.

CLAT Preparation Strategy: In Second Month

After candidates have finished the whole syllabus, they should dedicate the next month to a comprehensive review of the topics they have already studied and also start taking the CLAT Online Test Series.

CLAT Preparation Strategy: In Third Month: 

The key to success in the CLAT is regular practice, which includes attempting previous years' question papers, CLAT Sample Papers, and mock tests. Practice as much as possible as it will not only offer you an exam-like experience but will also increase your confidence while Preparing for CLAT in 3 Months. While attempting CLAT Question Papers and practice papers, keep the following things in mind: 

  • Solve the question papers within the time limit of two hours and no more. This will assist you in achieving the required speed and accuracy for the exam.
  • Make a mental or written note of your strong and weak areas for the exam when you've finished analyzing the paper while CLAT Preparation in 3 Months. After that, focus your efforts on strengthening your weakest subjects/topics in preparation for the exam. Get all the details for CLAT Analysis.

In addition to the above CLAT Preparation in 3 Months, the candidates should also keep in mind the below points:

Read Newspaper Daily

It's always a good habit to read the newspaper. However, one of the most crucial aspects of preparing for the CLAT. Most queries are exclusively based on newspaper editorials, articles, opinions, or legal news/judgments. One must read a quality English newspaper every day to maximize CLAT Preparation in 3 Months.

Mock tests and sample papers

The mock exams are the finest study tool for preparing for CLAT in 3 Months. Your preparation will shift from reading to practice-based due to the mock exams and sample papers.

Additionally, CLAT Preparation with mock exams is more important than ever due to the implementation of new exam patterns. The CLAT Sample Questions as well as the mock exams, are very helpful in building the abilities necessary for passing the exam quickly. Stay updated with CLAT Result.

Stay Motivated

Due to a large number of applicants and the finite number of places, the CLAT is one of the most difficult admission examinations. You will only experience disappointment if you stay demotivated while taking the exam.

To keep motivated while studying for the exam, use nearby resources like productivity apps, other CLAT aspirants, and mentors.

Section-Wise CLAT Preparation in 3 Months

Below is the section-wise preparation tips and strategy for CLAT. Go through this and make the best preparation to ace this Law Exam in 3 months. Get all the details for CLAT Admit Card.

English Language

Work on strengthening your reading abilities for the CLAT English portion. To enhance your vocabulary, read the newspaper's editorial section daily and look up new terms' definitions.

Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

Reading reputable newspapers like The Hindu and The Statesman might also help you brush up on current events. You may also check out the Current Affairs guide below to see all of the key current events from the previous year. Know more about the CLAT Answer Key.

Legal Reasoning

It is the most essential portion of the CLAT Exam, having the highest weightage. With enough practice, you'll notice that the questions in this area are all of the same sort, and you'll be able to complete CLAT Preparation in 3 Months. Check CLAT Eligibility in detail to avoid the last-minute cancellation of your candidature. 

Logical Reasoning

The key to success in this part is consistent practice. The candidates must have good logical reasoning skills to score well in this section. Get the expert-recommended CLAT Books PDF list.

Quantitative Techniques

CLAT Mathematics, like Logical Reasoning, can be aced with regular and continuous practice. The candidates can practice questions from various books available in the market to ace the quantitative techniques section of the CLAT Exam.


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FAQs on How to Crack CLAT in 3 month

  • Yes, if you are adequately prepared with an appropriate study plan and professional guidance, then it is possible to Crack CLAT in 3 Months. You can pass CLAT without Coaching. All legal aspirants would benefit from our specialists' comprehensive tips and tactics for CLAT without coaching.

  • It all relies on the applicants and how well they comprehend the material. Some individuals can comprehend the concepts very fast for CLAT Exam; however, some do not. Preparation for the fundamentals can be completed in three months with a proper study plan.

  • With the help of BYJU'S Exam Prep experts, you will receive individualised advice and mentoring from our professionals. Any applicant who wants to pass CLAT can adhere to the strategy and get ready for the course module as necessary can join the online classroom programme.

  • Following the CLAT curriculum, applicants must choose the CLAT Preparation in 3 Months which covers all subjects and subtopics. You should pick a book that is simple to read. Students should consider the book's year of publication while evaluating the finest books for CLAT since it will help them familiarize with the most recent syllabus and topics.

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