How to Conserve Forest?

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : September 8th, 2022

The forests can be conserved by afforestation, keeping a check on the forest clearance for agricultural and habitation purposes, curbing forest fire, planned cutting of the trees, passing acts by the government, appropriate utilization of the forest products, etc. In India, the forests are managed by the government through the Forest Department.

Types of Forest Distribution

The forests in India are distributed in the following categories: Reserved Forests, Protected Forests, and Unclassed Forests.

  • Reserved Forests: The most restricted area of the forests which are constituted and controlled by the government are called reserved forests.
  • Protected Forests: The forest areas that are protected by the Forest Department from any further depletion are referred to as protected areas.
  • Unclassed Forests: The forest areas and wastelands that belong to both private and government individuals and communities are known as unclassed forests.

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  • The forests can be conserved by planting more and more trees, passing forest conservation acts, organized grazing, planned cutting of trees, introducing steps to control fire, etc.

  • The maintenance of the forest areas by planting more trees, banning hunting, and regulating the trade of forest products is called forest conservation.

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