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By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : January 11th, 2022

For the candidates of NDA, reducing negative marking is of key importance, as a single mistake in selecting the right answer can turn one’s complete hard work into failure. But don’t be worry about the negative marking scheme. Just follow the below given important tips & get away from the negative mark trap in NDA 2021 exam.

Table of Content
  • The NDA Written Test is categorized into two sections: Section A (includes Mathematics) and Section B (includes General Ability Test)
  • Both the sections will be in English and also in Hindi.
  • The General Ability Test comprises of two sub-sections: English & General Knowledge.
  • Mathematics section: 120 questions carrying a total of 300 marks
  • General Ability Test section: 150 questions carrying a total of 600 marks (i.e. 200 marks for English & 400 marks for General Knowledge)
Marking Scheme

NDA Marking Scheme For Mathematics Section

  • Marks awarded for every correct answer - 2.5 marks.
  • Marks deducted for each wrong answer - 0.83 marks

NDA Marking Scheme For General Ability Test Section

The English section of the GAT (General Ability Test) comprises 50 questions carrying a total of 200 marks. The GK (General Knowledge) section consists of 100 questions carrying a total of 400 marks.

  • Marks awarded for every correct answer - 4 marks
  • Marks deducted for every incorrect answer - 1.33 marks
  • If an aspirant selects more than one option for a question, it will be considered as a wrong answer and one-third of the marks allotted to the question will be deducted.
  • There is no negative marking for the questions left unanswered.

Important Tips to Avoid Negative Marking in NDA Exam

1. Practice is very much required

  • To avoid negative marking, the candidate has to be good at his preparation.
  • By solving questions using shortcuts, especially for the Mathematics section, helps the aspirants in saving valuable time.
  • The saved time also enables the candidates in allotting more time to solving the difficult level questions & arriving at the right answer.

2. Avoid Guessing in the Exam

  • We are all aware of the fact that success is nothing but 99 percent hard work and 1 percent of luck only.
  • So in order to avoid guessing in one’s examination. Just attempt only those questions where one is sure about the correct answer.
  • The guessing will decrease one’s marks due to negative marking which is -.83 (minus 83) in the Mathematics section and –1.33 (minus 1.33) in the General Ability Test.

3. Read Every Question Carefully

  • Sometimes because of nervousness & panic, we do not clearly read the question & marks or select the wrong option;
  • So it is better to carefully read the question twice instead of marking the wrong option.

4. Avoid Wastage of Time

  • Do not get adhere or stick to one question if one is not able to solve the question.
  • The wastage of time on a single question is of no use. Hence, it is better to leave that particular question & move to the next.
  • Accuracy is more significant than the total number of questions attempted. So try to solve those sections where one is assured of being correct. In the end, if the candidate is left with time, then one can take a calculated risk with his understanding.

5. Solve Easier Questions First

  • The questions are categorized into three levels: Easy, Medium & Difficult. Thus, it is suggested to solve the easier sections of questions first. It will make one’s confident and even gives him the idea of how much more one needs to attempt.

6. Take Help of Mock Tests

  • The test series & mock test papers that are available online within the time limit will also help you to know the pattern and even record one’s progress which helps to identify his mistakes too.
  • As the aspirants have to mark the answers in the OMR sheets, just try to prevent eliminating or overwriting an answer which one has already marked. Else, it will be calculated as incorrect and resulting in negative marks.

If candidates follow the above-mentioned tips before & during the time of examination, they will surely reduce the negative marks. Just stay confident & relax while attempting the question paper which will be valuable.

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