Time Required to Prepare for CAT - How Much Time is Needed?

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : November 21st, 2022

How Much Time is Required to Prepare for CAT depends on the aspirants' efficiency, understanding, and conceptual clarity. If the candidates Google this question, then they will find that they need more time than they think to complete the syllabus. However, exactly How much time is required to prepare for CAT, is one of the biggest questions for every aspirant, as everyone wants to get a good percentile for admission to the top IIMs.

The preparation time to prepare for CAT varies from person to person. Some people have strong analytical skills but low language skills, and vice versa. Some people are strong in both, so they require less time to prepare for the CAT. Thereby, you must be aware of your preparation time and make an analysis of How much Time is Required to Prepare for CT by you.

Quick Tips to Manage Time to Prepare for CAT

Our expert team has listed below a few guiding points to help the aspirants with Time Management for CAT Exam.

  • Make an effective study plan.
  • Evaluate how much time is needed to cover a topic.
  • Take breaks to reduce the monotonous study schedule
  • Choose a schedule where you can remain consistent.
  • Assign time separately for mock tests and question papers
  • Assign one hour each day for revision

Lastly, practice is recommended to prepare for CAT because the more you practice the questions, you will learn time management for every chapter and every question. It will help to take time to prepare for CAT.

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How Much Time is Required to Prepare for CAT?

Well, the answer to this question is it completely depends on the candidate's ability to complete the CAT Syllabus. If the candidates complete all the syllabus and important topics one time, they will get more time to practice CAT Question Paper. It is extremely important to prepare perfectly for all three sections of this exam.

Apart from that, candidates with good analytical skills can easily comprehend logical reasoning, quants, and Data Interpretation for CAT. So, How much Time is Required to Prepare for CAT is totally dependent on the mental ability of the candidates. You can easily prepare for this exam if you have good logical and analytical knowledge.

Considering the previous year's CAT Analysis, it can be mentioned that CAT is an aptitude test. But you must note one thing, only 1% of the total applicants can make it able to get 99 CAT Percentile. Our experts have analysed some factors, which you need to look after before starting your preparation. Go through all these and understand exactly How Much Time is Required to Prepare for CAT by you.


Record numbers of applications are being received, and the level of competitiveness is rising. Any general category student who wants to enrol in an IIM must get a percentile of 98 or higher. You still need to dedicate 10–12 months to your CAT training to achieve such a high score.

Past Academic Records

For a student with a standard prior academic record, CAT Preparation could take over a year, six to eight months for a student with a better-than-expected past academic record, and three to four months for a student with an exceptional past academic record. Given that CAT is usually held in November (last Sunday), the ideal time to start preparing is at least a year beforehand.


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FAQs on How Much Time is Required to Prepare for CAT

  • If you want to ace CAT with a good CAT score, then it is suggested to start your preparation after completing your graduation studies or along with your graduation. It is the best time to prepare for CAT as you are already in touch with the basic studies. For an average student, the Time is Required to Prepare for CAT is around 6-7 months. 

  • It can’t be said, as everyone has a different understanding level. But, if you follow a strategic preparation plan, then 6 months of preparation is enough to prepare for CAT is enough if you studied dedicatedly and strategically.

  • You can start anytime, but be sure that you are following a strategic preparation plan to prepare for CAT. Firstly, analyse CAT Exam Pattern, then check the syllabus and plan accordingly, as per your convenience.

  • You can study after logging out from your office. Attend BYJU’S Exam Prep online classes to prepare for CAT. These classes are flexible and you can watch video tutorials anytime and anywhere. 

  • If you are consistent, dedicated, and working hard, then it is possible to score 99 percentile in CAT with a little preparation. But be sure that you have the conceptual clarity and accuracy in solving the questions accurately. Check expert Tips to Get 99+ Percentile in CAT.

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