How Much Time is Required to Prepare for CAT - Time to Prepare for CAT

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : April 25th, 2022

Time to prepare for CAT is completely dependent on the aspirants' efficiency, understanding, and conceptual clarity. However, it is one of the common questions for every CAT aspirant, as everyone wants a good CAT percentile for admission into the best IIMs. CAT is considered the trickiest exam in India; thereby, you should be clear about how much time is required to prepare for CAT so that you can plan accordingly.  

The preparation time to prepare for CAT varies from person to person. Some people have strong analytical skills but low language skills and vice versa. Some people are strong in both, so they require less time to prepare for the CAT exam. Thereby, you must be aware of the time for CAT preparation and analyse how long does it take to prepare for CAT by you.

Here, our expert team has analysed the fact for CAT preparation so that the aspirants can understand how much time does it take to prepare for CAT.

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Time To Prepare For CAT 

If you google this question, then you can see that you need more time to prepare for CAT than you think. You need to start your preparation from the beginning for conceptual clarity, which is very important for preparing. 

CAT Preparation Time for Fresh Graduates

If you are a fresh graduate, then you may need less time to prepare for CAT. It is because you are already in touch with the studies, so you just need to revise them properly to proceed further. The aspirants can cover up the syllabus and start practicing the previous year’s questions to analyze how long does it take to prepare for CAT. 

They can also attend BYJU’S Exam Prep online classes to get an organized and dedicated study schedule for CAT exam preparation. It is very helpful and suggested to join online coaching classes to utilize every second of time to prepare for CAT.

Also, read CAT 6 Months Preparation Plan.

Time To Prepare For CAT while Working

The working professionals who wish to appear for CAT must figure out first whether they need to quit their job to get time to prepare for CAT or not. However, quitting the job is not the right decision so think first about how much time is needed to prepare for CAT to get a good CAT score. You can also check for tips to prepare for the CAT exam without quitting your job.

The aspirants can take small notes and go through them while they are working or get free time from their work schedule. Additionally, you can give mock tests and practice sample papers to analyze your preparation level. Working professionals can also register for online video tutorials and prepare by actively listening to them while working. They must create a schedule for themselves after work and discover what works for them early on.

Quick Tips to Manage Time to Prepare for CAT

Our expert team has listed below a few guiding points to help the aspirants with time management for the CAT exam.

  • Make an effective study plan 
  • Evaluate how much time is needed to cover a topic. 
  • Take breaks to reduce the monotonous study schedule 
  • Choose a schedule where you can remain consistent. 
  • Assign time separately for mock tests and question papers
  • Assign one hour each day to revision

 Lastly, practice is recommended to prepare CAT, because the more you practice the questions, you will learn time management for every chapter and every question. It will help to take time to prepare for CAT.

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  • If you want to ace CAT with a good CAT score, then it is suggested to start your preparation after completing your graduation studies or along with your graduation. It is the best time to prepare for CAT as you are already in touch with the basic studies. For an average student, the time to prepare for CAT is usually around 6-7 months. 

  • It can’t be said, as everyone has a different understanding level. But, if you follow a strategic preparation plan then 6 months of preparation is enough to prepare for CAT is enough if you studied dedicatedly and strategically.

  • You can start anytime, but be sure that you are following a strategic preparation plan to prepare for CAT. Firstly, analyse CAT exam pattern then check the CAT syllabus and plan accordingly, as per your convenience.

  • You can study after logging out from your office. Attend BYJU’S Exam Prep online classes to prepare for CAT. These classes are flexible and you can watch video tutorials anytime and anywhere. 

  • If you are consistent, dedicated, and working hard, then it is possible to score 99 percentile in CAT with a little preparation. But be sure that you have the conceptual clarity and accuracy to solve the questions accurately. Check expert tips to get 99+ percentile in CAT.

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