How many villages are (approximately) there in India? (a) 5 Lakh 90 thousand (b) 8 Lakh 20 thousand (c) 6 Lakh 40 Thousand (d) 8 Lakh 50 thousand

By Ritesh|Updated : November 1st, 2022

There are 6 Lakh 40 Thousand villages in India. There are 6 lakh 40 thousand 9 hundred and thirty villages in India overall, according to the 2011 census. The overall area of India is 3287263 square kilometers or about 2.4% of the earth's surface.

Villages in India

  • In terms of area, India comes in after Russia, Canada, the United States, China, Brazil, and Australia.
  • 28 states and 9 union territories make up India.
  • India makes up 17.5% of the world's population in terms of total population (As per the 2011 census).
  • In terms of population, India is the second-largest country in the world.
  • Latitudinal range: 8 4°N to 37°N
  • Extended longitudinally from 68 7'E to 97 25'E

Although the term is sometimes used to cover both hamlets and smaller towns, a village is a grouped human settlement or community, larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town, with a population typically ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand. Although villages are frequently found in rural areas, some urban communities can also be referred to as villages.

Although villages are typically permanent settlements with fixed residences, transient communities can exist. A village's homes are also relatively close to one another rather than strewn widely across the landscape as in a dispersed settlement.

Vital requirements in Indian Villages:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Connections to roads
  • Maintenance of land records; - Sanitation; - Conflict resolution.


How many villages are (approximately) there in India? (a) 5 Lakh 90 thousand (b) 8 Lakh 20 thousand (c) 6 Lakh 40 Thousand (d) 8 Lakh 50 thousand

According to the 2011 census, there are 6 lakh 40 thousand 930 villages in India overall. India covers 3287263 square kilometers, or roughly 2.4%, of the earth's surface.


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