How Many Seasons Are There in a Year? Name Them

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : October 6th, 2022

There are four seasons in India, namely the cold weather season, the hot weather season, the southwest monsoon season, and the retreating monsoon season. Meteorologists recognize the seasons in India. A lot of things in India are dependent on the seasons. From festivals to agriculture, there are several things. 

Types of Seasons in a Year

The seasons in India change due to the changes in the elements of weather such as temperature, pressure, wind direction, humidity, velocity, precipitation, etc. As discussed, there are four seasons in India.

  • The Cold Weather Season: It sets in by mid-November in northern India. The coldest months in the northern plain are December and January.
  • The Hot Weather Season: In this season, the sun moves towards the Tropic of Cancer in March. In India, April, May, and June are the summer months in the northern part.
  • The Southwest Monsoon Season: This season is the result of a rapid increase in temperature in May over the northwestern plains. By early June, they had become so powerful to attract the trade winds coming from the Indian Ocean.
  • The Retreating Monsoon Season: The months of retreating monsoon are October and November. It occurs due to the passage of cyclonic depressions which originate over the Andaman Sea and cross the eastern coast of the southern Peninsula in India.

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FAQs on Types of Seasons in a Year

  • The Cold Weather Season, The Hot Weather Season, The Southwest Monsoon Season, and The Retreating Monsoon Season are the four seasons in a year in India.

  • The season changes in India due to changes in temperature, pressure, wind direction, humidity, velocity, precipitation, etc.

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