How Many Parts Are in the Indian Constitution?

By Manesh Singh|Updated : July 14th, 2022

The constitution of India is divided into 25 parts. There is a preamble and a total of 470 articles in the constitution. The constitution of India, like any other constitution, needs to be amended accordingly. So, it has been amended 104 times, and the latest amendment was made in January 2020. The Indian constitution also includes 12 Constitutional Schedules. It is also the second longest active constitution.


How Many Parts Are in the Indian Constitution?

The constitution of India has 25 parts and includes 470 articles, 12 schedules, and a preamble. It originally had 22 parts, 395 articles, and only 8 schedules. But after going through 104 amendments, all the other parts were added, and many changes were made. The last amendment was in January 2020.

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How Many Parts Are in the Indian Constitution FAQs

  • The Indian Constitution has a total of 25 parts. It includes 470 articles in total. It is the world's longest constitution for a sovereign nation.

  • The constitution of India has articles on Union Territories, citizenship, Fundamental rights, Directive principles, Unions, States, Panchayats, Scheduled and tribal areas, elections, etc.


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