How Many Attempts are Allowed for Ex-servicemen in UPSC?

By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : June 30th, 2022

The number of Attempts are Allowed for Disabled Ex-servicemen in UPSC is unlimited. This means the ex-servicemen can take the UPSC exam as long as they don’t reach their upper age limit. In general, the upper age limit is 32 years but ex-servicemen get 5 years of age relaxation which makes their upper age limit 37 years.

Number of Attempts Allowed for Ex-servicemen in UPSC?

The number of attempts are allowed for disabled ex-servicemen in UPSC is unlimited until the upper age limit is reached. The upper age limit for ex-servicemen in the UPSC CSE is 37 years. However to be eligible for this relaxation the ex-servicemen (including Commissioned Officer and SSCO/ECOs) must have rendered at least five years of Military Service as on 1st of the Particular year of UPSC CSE, and have been released.

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FAQs on How Many Attempts are Allowed for Ex-servicemen in UPSC?

  • The disabled ex-servicemen can attempt for UPSC Exam as many times they want until they reach their upper age limit of 37 years. However, those who have served at least 5 years of military service would be qualified for this relaxation.

  • Yes, the ex-servicemen can become IAS officers. However they would require the right UPSC Preparation Strategy, along with that they must analyze the UPSC Syllabus, and make the most out of their preparation with the help of UPSC Books.

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