How does Democracy Improve the Quality of Decision-Making?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : August 26th, 2022

Democracy improves the quality of decision-making because decisions in a democracy are usually made after much deliberation and discussion. A democracy is a system where the government is elected by the people, and for the people. Therefore, what the people of a country think makes a large difference in a democratic nation. There are a number of people involved in the decision-making process in a democracy.

The decisions therefore that are made in a democracy are quite transparent as the process that is adopted to come to these decisions is also fair enough as the people of the country are kept into consideration.

What is a Democracy?

A democracy is a system of government where the people have a say in all the decisions pertaining to the nation. The people in a democratic nation have the authority to decide the legislation or to choose government servants to do so.

The idea of democracy has been changing over the years. The oldest form of democracy was more of a 'direct democracy.' The most common form of democracy is the 'indirect democracy' or 'representative democracy,' where elected people represent a group of people.

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  • Democracy being a government ‘for’ the people tends to take their opinions into consideration which contributes to an effective decision-making process.

  • The most common type of democracy is the ‘representative democracy.'

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