How do Social Divisions affect Politics? Give two Examples

By Shivank Goel|Updated : October 3rd, 2022

The social divisions affect politics as it alters the smooth functioning of the democracy. Democracy has a major role in government formation. In a democratic country, a set of policies and rules are responsible for the country's development. Also, the head of the country and state is elected by the people as their representative. But, social divisions are known to affect the functioning of politics as there will be issues with fair elections.

How do Social Divisions affect Politics?

Politics is totally related to serving the people, but Social divisions is a big issue in it. Due to social divisions, the priorities of Representatives get changed and then they think to uplift a certain group of people only. Below we have mentioned some points related to social divisions affects Politics-

  • In a democracy, there is a need for free and fair elections. However, social divisions hinder the way elections are conducted.
  • As per democracy, human rights are protected, but social divisions can lead to conflicts.
  • The social divisions affect the active participation of people in terms of civic life and politics.
  • Social division affects politics and may result in violence, controversies, and separation of the nation.

Examples of Social Divisions affect Politics

Social Divisions affected North Ireland and Yugoslavia. Because of the social divisions in North Ireland, there was violence among the Roman Catholics and protestants. While in Yugoslavia, there was a political conflict among its people because of the difference in ethnic and religious beliefs. As a result, the country got segregated into 6 independent countries.

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FAQs on Politics Affected by Social Divisions

  • Social division affects Politics as this hinders free and fair elections. Because of the social division, there is a threat to human rights that can affect the politics of a country. Also, there are high chances of conflicts and violence among people.

  • The Social divisions among citizens of North Ireland and Yugoslavia have affected the smooth functioning of the politics. There were conflicts in  North Ireland while Yugoslavia got separated into six different countries because of religious and ethnic clashes among people.

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