How did the edicts of Ashoka help unify India?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The Ashoka Edicts contributed to the propagation of the message of harmony, virtue, and peace, which inspired the Mauryan Empire's different cultures and religions to coexist peacefully. It aided in hastening India's initial union. Ashoka's conquest of Kalinga marked a turning point in his life after he was horrified by the number of victims there.

Edicts of Ashoka

  • Two of Ashoka's most well-known accomplishments are the Rock and Pillar Edicts and state sponsorship of Buddhism (which go hand in hand).
  • He issued decrees that encouraged nonviolence across his realm.
  • After serving in the military and experiencing violence personally, Ashoka was inspired to decide to live a life of peace and nonviolence.
  • All around the empire, Ashoka's decrees were inscribed on pillars and walls.
  • These decrees emphasized Buddhism's security, fairness, and general welfare.
  • The most incredible legacy Ashoka left behind was the growth of Buddhism in Asia.
  • He unified Buddhism across practically the entirety of India.
  • Additionally, he supported the growth of other religions and tolerated them.
  • Ashoka consented to end hostilities and declare Buddhism the state religion of the Mauryan Empire. He adhered to the Dhamma (laws) in his realm.
  • In 185 BC, Pushyamitra Shunga successfully overthrew the Maurya Empire. Despite being a Brahmin, he was a general under Brihadratha, the final Mauryan emperor.
  • He is supposed to have stolen the throne of Pataliputra by force and murdered Brihadratha in front of everyone.
  • Central India and Pataliputra were under the Shungas' authority.


How did the edicts of Ashoka help unify India?

The edicts of Ashoka helped unify India to spread the idea of harmony, virtue, and peace, which encouraged the various cultures and religions of the Mauryan Empire to live in peace with one another. It helped accelerate the initial unity of India.


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