How Can You Improve the Quality of Study Notes? - Know Here Tips & Tricks

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : April 14th, 2021

During this pandemic situation where schools are providing online education to their students, it is of utmost importance for every student to learn concepts in-depth and utilize knowledge for making high-quality study notes. There are some students who find making notes a troublesome act. With complete study notes, studying and clearing exams becomes easier and that too with good marks. Teachers are not able to provide their students with Self Study notes during this online setup of education. Therefore there has been a rise in demand for high-quality study notes. Online education platforms are just a means of imparting learning, but students need self-study notes to recall and retain these learnings. The points mentioned below will help students to make their study notes effectively, which will help them to ace their Class 9 exam with flying colors.


Tips to Improve the Quality of Study Notes

Study notes are the ones that help you to interpret everything that you have learned in your own words. They are also useful during your exam time where you can just simply recall things in less time. Study notes not only help students to cram up things but they can write more swiftly during their exam time. We are providing below some of the benefits of the study notes, use these points to make and improve your high-quality study notes.


1. First Try to Understand Your Learning Style

Basically, the first thing you should notice is to understand the type of learning style that suits you and through which you understand concepts more easily. Generally, there are 4 types of learning styles – Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and last not the least, Kinesthetic.

(i) Visual Learning

  •  Understanding things with the help of visual presentation of information such as pictures, diagrams, tables, graphs, maps, and charts.
  •  Using Different Colored Pens and highlighting Methods to highlight any sentence/topic.
  •  Using Symbols to write specific words or sentences.
  •  The Visual Learners gain a better understanding with the pictures and any visual presentation by recalling in their minds and thus revise everything.

(ii) Auditory Learning

  •  Auditory learning involves by learning through listening [Attend Lectures and Group Studies]
  •  Few other ways include listening to Audible Notes [Recorded Lectures, Group Discussions or Self Prepare Self Audio Notes]

(iii) Read/Write Learning - This involves learning through reading and writing

(iv) Kinaesthetic Learning

  •  Kinesthetic learning involves learning through Physical Activity
  •  It also includes practicing with Real Life examples like Workshops or Practical Labs and learning through Senses – Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell and Hearing etc. 


 * You need to figure out which type of learning style works best for you and then only you can begin with making your study notes effectively!

2. Be Specific While Making Notes

You don't need to write everything that you read or learned, try to be specific while making study notes. Filter out the difficult and most important topics for which you need to strengthen your preparations. Then you need to choose the right method to make your notes as per the learning style. try to use bullet points while making notes and highlight the important parts so that you can quickly recall them whenever you need them.

3. Try to Follow the Structure While Making Study Notes

Most of the students have a habit of making their notes untidy because they have very little time of writing everything down. Students need to understand that it is always better to keep their study notes neat and clean. Try to use different colored pens to write the name of the topic and differentiate them with other topics. You should make unit-wise study notes in order to make you ever ready during your exam preparation. Try to include, heading and subheading, Use Bullet Points for Quick Reading, Underline the Important Points, etc. Always remember to write down a summary after completion of each Unit.

4. Try to Divide Content in Tables, Diagrams or Graphs!

As mentioned above, visual learning helps in recalling things faster than any other. Students should divide their content in the form of tables, diagrams, or graphs whenever it's required to make their learning better. You can use tables to keep the data short and precise. A subject like Biology which is very tedious, you can make use of drawing diagrams or pasting related pictures to remember the whole story for long time. You can also use mind maps, flash cards and other ways to make your learning better.

5. Always Keep Your Notes Upgraded

 During this pandemic time, there are major changes in the syllabus and exam pattern so it is always recommended that you keep updated with latest and revised changes that have been done in the education system in order to make your study notes more effective during your exam time. Try to compare your notes with other to check any important information that you may have missed. Also, stay updated with latest technologies to bring innovation to your study notes.



~ If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.



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