How can we Conserve Mineral Resources?

By durga|Updated : June 17th, 2022

Conservation of minerals has become one of the trending topics in the world right now. The reason is, that we are rapidly using the mineral resources that require millions of years to be created. However, there are various ways in which conservation of minerals can be possible. For example, the use of renewable alternatives, waste reduction during the process of mining, efficient use of mineral resources, and adoption of advanced technologies can help us conserve minerals. Let’s take a look at the various ways that would help to conserve mineral resources.

Various Ways for Conservation of Minerals

Conservation of minerals can be done by the following methods- 

  • Reducing the wastage in the mining process, 
  • Metal recycling using scrap metals, 
  • Use of renewable alternatives, 
  • Use of mineral resources in a sustainable and planned way, 
  • Use of enhanced technology to allow the use of low-grate ores at a minimal cost.
  • Mineral resources can also be conserved through recycling
  • Training the miners can also be helpful in conserving minerals

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FAQs on How can we Conserve Mineral Resources?

  • Conservation of mineral resources can be possible by reducing wastage during the mining, adopting alternative renewable substitutes, using advanced technologies, use of minerals in a suitable and planned manner, and recycling metals using scrap metals.

  • The conversation of minerals is crucial because they are a valuable possession of a country. Minerals are one of the most vital parts of our lives, but they are limited. Minerals are non-renewable sources, and the formation of minerals is a slow process that requires millions of years. With the limited mineral resources on earth, we have to find ways to converse mineral resources.

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