How can an Individual Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals?

By Durga Prashanna Mishra|Updated : July 12th, 2022

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), were adopted by the United States in 2015. This was a universal call to action with an objective to protect the environment, end poverty, and make sure that people would enjoy prosperity and peace by 2030. An individual can contribute to Sustainable Development Goals in so various ways such as by wasting less food, helping people around you, not wasting water, creating new job opportunities for the people, avoiding products that are harmful to the environment, recycling, and buying energy-efficient appliances, etc.

We have mentioned all the possible ways in which an individual can contribute to sustainable development goals.

Ways to Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

You can contribute to Sustainable Development Goals by doing some of the basic things that you have heard before.

  • Saving electricity by using energy-efficient products
  • Recycling plastic, glass, paper, etc.
  • Not wasting paper when it's not needed i.e. while printing bills online
  • Donate the things that you don’t use to the people who need them
  • Support local farmers and don’t waste food
  • Educate the children in the community 
  • Don’t waste water
  • Use cycles or transport that would help the environment
  • Try not to use plastic which has proven to be very harmful to the environment
  • Plant more trees around you, which would help control climate change
  • Support the marginalized and disadvantaged in any way possible
  • Promote equality and empower the women and girls around you
  • Make sure to get yourself and your family vaccinated
  • Act now to stop global warming

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  • The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint that would help to achieve a better and sustainable future for all. These goals address the various global challenges faced such as climate change, poverty, environmental degradation, inequality, and more.

  • Sustainable Development Goals provide guidance for addressing the global challenges faced by the international community. These goals would help to protect the natural foundations of life, and lead to a better future for all.

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