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By Trupti Thool|Updated : December 5th, 2018

History is a key scoring area of the General Studies or General Knowledge Papers in competitive Exams. There are 5-10 questions are asked in the General Knowledge paper from History in various government exams like UPSC, State PSC, SSC, CDS, and Other State Exams. Most of the students find difficulty in remembering the facts and various events in history. For the effective preparation, we are sharing you with History Short Notes PDF in Hindi & English which will boost your preparation.

History Short Notes

History Short Notes PDF includes following:

  • Ancient History
    (a) Indus Valley Civilisation
    (b) Jainism & Buddhism
    (c) Vedic Age
    (d) Important Dynasties (Haryanka Dynasty to Mauryan Dynasty)
    (e) Gupta Age
    (f) Sangam Age
    (g) Foreign Invasions in India
    (h) Chalukya and Pallava Dynasty
  • Medieval India
    (a) Palas, Pratiharas, Rashtrkutas
    (b) Delhi Sultanate
    (c) Mughal Age
  • Modern India
    (a) Revolt of 1857
    (b) Socio-Religious Reforms Movements
    (c) Indian National Movement (1885-1905)
    (d) Indian National Congress (INC)
    (e) Indian National Movement (1905-1916)
    (f) Indian National Movement (1917-1947)
  • Indian monuments and their builders
  • Chronology of Whole Indian History from Ancient to Modern

Check the following direct link to download History Short Notes PDF:

History Short Notes in Hindi PDF

History Short Notes PDF in English

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Shiv Kumar

Shiv KumarOct 8, 2019

Pls provide a short notes of physics ,chemistry and biology

AnandOct 16, 2020

Sir ,Pls provide short notes on indian polity,economy, geography

VikasDec 4, 2020

Sir esme modern jisme purtugal logo ka hai wo ni hai kya

SweetyMay 29, 2021

Best notes

SweetyMay 29, 2021

Very good

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