Highest Paid Jobs of SSC CGL and RRB NTPC Exam 2022

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : July 16th, 2022

SSC Highest Post and Salary 2022: SSC CGL and RRB NTPC exams are examples of the finest and most preferred ways to secure a Government job. Not only because they bring you a reputation, but also because the posts come with a handsome salary package and allowances. Today we are going to give you a walk down the lane of the highest paying post and salary among SSC CGL and RRB NTPC recruitment, and everything you need to know about the designations. 

Before moving further let's understand two common terms used in salary structure i.e. basic pay and gross salary. Basic pay is the rough salary allotted for a particular designation. Then comes the gross salary, which includes overtime pay and bonuses, but does not consider taxes and other deductions. Now, let's look into the SSC highest post and salary by referring to SSC CGL and RRB NTPC exams.


In SSC CGL, Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) is the highest-paid salary job, and if we talk about RRB NTPC, then there are two posts which provide you with the highest salary package and those are Station Master and Commerical Apprentice.

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SSC CGL Highest Post Salary 2022

AAO job profile comes under Group B (Gazetted Post) with grade pay of Rs.4800. The pay scale of AAO (Assistant Audit Officer) is Rs 47600 to 151100. The other SSC CGL AAO Salary details are as follows:

Salary DetailsCity XCity YCity Z
Basic PayRs. 47600Rs. 47600Rs. 47600
HRA (depending on
the city)
  12,852 (27%)  8568 (18%) 4284 (9%)
DA (Current- 34%)15,000 approx.15,000 approx.15,000 approx.
Travel Allowance (TA)471647164716
Gross Salary
(Approx Salary - without deductions)
80,000 approx75,000 approx.70,000 approx.

The salary slip of the AAO is provided below:


Assistant Audit Officer: Career Growth

The AAO Job Profile being a gazetted post with the highest basic pay comes with lots of respect and responsibilities. The work involves assisting the senior audit officers during departmental audits. The work also requires you to make decisions at a section level and informing to the higher authorities. After years of service, you will have a definite career path that involves promotions that are as follows:



Allowances and Perks of AAO:

There are numerous Allowances and perks given to the Assistant Audit Officer. A few of the allowances are listed below:

  • Dearness Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Leave Travel Allowance
  • Children Education Allowance
  • Newspaper Allowance etc.  

RRB NTPC Salary 2022

For RRB NTPC Station Master and Commercial Apprentice are the highest-paid designations. The basic pay for both designations is Rs 35,400 but its in-hand salary is around 54,000 (x-city) including the allowances. The overtime is counted separately.

Railway Station Master & Commercial Apprentice Salary Structure
 ParametersCity XCity YCity Z
Basic Pay35,40035,40035,400
HRA9450(27%)5600 (18%)2800 (9%)
DA (34%)119001190011900
DA on TPA909090
Govt. Contribution @ NPS 14%579957995799
Gross Salary64,000 approx.60,000 approx.55,000 approx.
NPS Deduction 24% (Basic + DA)994099409940
Professional Tax250250250
Total Deduction102201022010220
In-Hand Salary54,000 approx.50,000 approx.45,000 approx.

The other allowances that are provided to both the profiles are also similar in nature as both the profiles get given below allowances other than salary.

  1. Dearness Allowance (DA)
  2. Travel Allowance (TA)
  3. House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  4. Pension Benefits
  5. Medical Reimbursements

While the salary Slip for Commercial Apprentice and Station Master is given below:

Station Master


Please Note: Presently, DA is 34%. Salary is much more than the one mentioned in the Salary slip given above due to changes in DA and other allowances.

Commercial Apprentice


Please Note: Presently, DA is 34%. Salary is much more than the one mentioned in the Salary slip given above due to changes in DA and other allowances.

Commercial Apprentice & Station Master Career Growth 2022

 Commercial Apprenticebyjusexamprep

 Station Master


To know about all SSC CGL and RRB NTPC salary 2022 along with job role, in-hand salary, and promotional aspects, follow the given links:

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  • Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) post of SSC CGL 2022 is the highest-paid job. AAO Profile is the only gazette officer profile under SSC CGL Recruitment.

  • The post of Station Master is the highest-paid job offered under RRB NTPC Exam 2022. Other than that Commercial Apprentice profile is also one of the highest paid jobs under RRB NTPC Exam 2022.

  • The Gross Salary of AAO lies in the range of 80,000-70,000k approx depending on the city of posting.

  • The net Salary of RRB NTPC Station Master lies in the range of Rs.54,000-45,000k depending on the job location.

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