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GS/GK Quiz 27.09.2022

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Question 1

In Sufism, a successor nominated by a ‘Pir’ was called:

Question 2

Who among the following was associated with the newspaper Prabuddha Bharat?

Question 3

The horizontal deflection effect caused by the Coriolis Force on earth is

Question 4

In Mexico, the “Zacatecas State” is famous for

Question 5

Adjournment motion needs the support of how many members to be admitted?

Question 6

From which country, have we borrowed the concept of Concurrent List in our Constitution?

Question 7

Which of the following Acts provides for protection to wild animals in India?

Question 8

The Human Development index (HDI) does not emphasize on

Question 9

Which one of the following is among the best electric conductors?

Question 10

Who among the following invented the Crescograph for measuring the growth in plants?
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