What is Grapevine Communication?

By K Balaji|Updated : December 2nd, 2022

The casual social interaction between the people within the organization is known as Grapevine Communication. It is an informal method of communication and is sometimes also referred to as an anonymous source of information. It is related to the informal communication that happens between the people within the organization. It is known to enhance the feedback loop and the speed at which information is spread within an organisation.

Grapevine Communication

Grapevine communication is an informal way of communication within an organisation. This kind of communication links the whole organization quickly. It occurs when there is no defined path or route for sharing information from one person to another.

It assists in organizational growth through both external and internal channels. Grapevine Communication is more prevalent at the lowest level of the organization. It does not adhere to the prescribed framework.

It helps in developing better interpersonal relationships which can be helpful in achieving goals efficiently and effectively. Sometimes, organisations encourage grapevine communication to spread information quickly.


What is Grapevine Communication?

Grapevine communication is associated with the unofficial or informal means of communication within the organization. It speeds up the feedback loop and provides useful feedback to the management. It is an informal type of communication which takes place without following any hierarchy.

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