Golden Fibre Refers to?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : July 13th, 2022

Do you know which fibre is referred to as golden fibre? The answer to this question is Jute. Why? Well, golden fibre refers to Jute because it is nothing less than a miraculous fibre for the people in India. 

Firstly, it looks shiny and lustrous and is extremely affordable which means even underprivileged people can afford it. Secondly, it is completely biodegradable and the main chemical components it contains are cellulose and lignin. Keep reading to learn why golden fibre refers to Jute.


Golden fibre refers to Jute because it is lustrous in nature and extremely economical

The length of a fibre of jute can be typically between 1 to 4 metres and it has a lot of uniformity. This long length is a characteristic that plays an important role in its being so economical. Moreover, another reason that golden fibre refers to jute is that it has a dominant and versatile nature.

Some Applications of the Golden Fibre

Here are a few applications and uses that prove why golden fibre refers to jute:

  • Jute is used to make rope.
  • Jute can be used in the production of matting and twine.
  • Jute when mixed with sugar can be used to make parts of aeroplanes.
  • Jute fibre can even help prevent soil erosion.
  • Jute is commonly used in producing sacks, carpets and rugs.


Golden Fibre Refers to

Golden fibre refers to jute because of various reasons. Firstly, it has a lustrous and shiny look and can be used in different ways. Hence, it is an extremely versatile fibre. Furthermore, it is economical which makes it extremely consumer friendly. Lastly, jute is absolutely biodegradable which makes it good for the environment.

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