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GK and Current Affairs Quiz : 12.12.2018

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Question 1

Who has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of the New India Assurance?

Question 2

India successfully test-fired nuclear-capable ballistic missile Agni-5. What is the strike range of Agni-5?

Question 3

The World Human Rights Day has been observed annually across the world on_____.

Question 4

What is India’s rank in the Visa’s 2018 Government e-Payment Adoption Ranking (GEAR)?

Question 5

Who has resigned as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Myntra?

Question 6

Which of the following cities hosted the 1st International Conference on ‘Sustainable Water Management’?

Question 7

Which of the following bank has signed a loan agreement of 31 million dollars to develop Tourism in Tamil Nadu?

Question 8

The International Mountain Day is being observed annually on which of the following Day?

Question 9

Who has become the first Asian/Indian to win Mister Supranational title at Krynica-Zdroj, Poland?

Question 10

Which city of Nepal celebrates the week-long ‘Vivah Panchami’?
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