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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-9: Power System Planning, Design and Engineering

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Question 1

The stability of a system, when subjected to a disturbance, is assessable by which of the following methods?

1) Swing curve

2) Equal-area criterion

3) Power-angle diagram

4) Power-circle diagram

Question 2

If span length is doubled with no change in other factors, the sag of the line will become?

Question 3

Base load of a power station stands for

Question 4

In a Three phase system, the volt ampere rating is given by?

Question 5

An alternator is supplying a load of 300 kw at a power factor of 0.6 lagging. If the power factor is raised to unity, how many more kw can alternator supply?

Question 6

A circuit breaker is rated as follows: 1500 A, 2000MVA, 33 KV, 3 sec, 3-phase oil circuit breaker. Determine the making current?

Question 7

Which of the following fault is coming under symmetrical fault?

Question 8

For stability and economic reasons, the transmission on lines are operates with power angle in the range of:

Question 9

Equal area criterion gives information about

Question 10

To an overhead line, 1000 KV of surge voltage is applied. Its receiving end is open. Total surge power in MW, if line surge impedance is 500 Ω is
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