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Question 1

Which of the following is the plot of driving point RC admittance function?

Question 2

A current source with an internal resistance of RS, supplied power to load RL. The plot of power delivered as a function of load RL is?

Question 3

A resistance strain gauge is used to measure stress of steel which is stressed to 1200 kg/ cm2. If the gauge factor is 2.5 and the Young’s modulus of steel is 2 × 106 kg/cm2 the percentage change in resistance of the gauge is

Question 4

Consider the following circuit a

Assume balanced supply is applied to delta winding and extra d terminal from the mid-point of winding AC is drawn so

Find the potential difference between b & d_______ as Vbd

Question 5

Current flow through 5Ω is:

Question 6

In circuit current source

Question 7

Voltage across RL is

Question 8

Value of Va?

Question 9

During short-circuit test of a transformer, core losses are negligible because

Question 10

Electrochemical breakdown in a dielectric occurs at
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