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Question 1

A voltage and current waveform of an element below.

V(t) = 120 sin (3t + 120°)

I(t) = 20 cos (3t – 60°)

The element is ……?

Question 2

What is the SI unit for magnetic reluctance?

Question 3

Consider the following statements:
Any element connected in
1) series with a voltage source is redundant.
2) parallel with a voltage source is redundant.
3) series with a current source is redundant.
4) parallel with a current source is redundant.

Question 4

A mercury vapour lamps produces

Question 5

In a BJT, as the base width decreases. Which one of the following parameters will decrease?

Question 6

Cores of large power transformers are made from which one of the following?

Question 7

The value of current through 10 ohm resistor is:

Question 8

In the circuit shown below

The switch is closed for a long time and it is opened at t = 0. The energy stored in inductor at steady state is

Question 9

Which heating method is used in the drying and baking of potterzies _____?

Question 10

Consider two statements:

Statement I: Energy stored in capacitor is in its magnetic field.

Statement II: Energy stored in inductor is in its electric field.

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