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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-38

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Question 1

For a 100 MVA, 12 KV transmission line of reactance value of 1.20 Ω. The pu value of reactance is:

Question 2

For the power system shown in the figure below, the specification of the components is following:

G1 = 40 kV, 100 MVA, X = 10%

G2= 40 kV, 50 MVA, X = 10%

T1= 40 KV/120 kV, 150 MVA, X = 15%

T2= 120 kV/40 kV, 150 MVA, X = 15%

Line: 120 KV, X = 150 ohms

Choose 40 KV as base voltage at the generator G1 and 100 MVA as base MV

Question 3

For 100 MVA, 15 KV, 3-phase generator. The short circuit current is 50%. What will be the actual value of short circuit current?

Question 4

An alternator is rated at 110 MVA, 11 kV, X = 10 Ω. Then the reactance (in p.u.) for 220 MVA, 22 kV is ___________.

Question 5

For given base voltage and base volt-amperes, the per unit impedance value of an element is x. What will be the per unit impedance value of this element when the voltage and volt-ampere bases are both doubled?

Question 6

A 10 MVA, 20 KV/50 KV, Y-Y transformer has a pu impedance of 10% an HV side. The impedance value at LV side will be.

Question 7

A 3 phase transformer is rated 400 MVA,220/22KV Y/∆.The short circuit reactance measured on the low voltage side of the transformer is 0.121Ω.The per unit reactance of a transformer and the value to be used represent the transformer in a system whose base on high voltage side of transformer is 100MVA and 230 KV.

Question 8

In a single-line diagram, equivalent representation of transformer is.

Question 9

For the power system as shown below, the zero-sequence impedance as seen from point ‘P’ and ‘Q’ respectively are:

Question 10

A 3-ϕ fault occurs at the middle of transmission line at point F. The generator having reactance Xd’’ = 0.29 p.u. and each transformer having X = 0.1 p.u. & each transmission line having reactance of X = 0.3 p.u. Find the transfer reactance between generator and infinite bus?

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