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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-34

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Question 1

The use of high speed circuit breakers:-

Question 2

Counterpoise is used for:

Question 3

A 100/5 A bar primary current transformer supplies an overcurrent relay set at 25% pick up and it has a burden of 5 VA. The secondary voltage is

Question 4

On which of the following factors does the performance of a circuit breaker depend?

Question 5

Consider the following statement regarding different types of distance relays.
X- Reactance relay is more expensive than other type of relays.
Y- A quadrilateral relay is only suitable for medium lines.
Z- A quadrilateral relay is suitable for long as well as short lines.
Which of the following is/are the correct statement?

Question 6

For which of the following merz-price protection is suitable for?

Question 7

Match the following and choose correct option.

Question 8

The vector difference between two or more similar electrical quantities is called?

Question 9

When the backup relay is operated?

Question 10

Reclosing relays are used to?
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