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Question 1

Which of the following devices is used as lightning arrester?

Question 2

The making capacity of a circuit breaker is equal to:

Question 3

The dielectric strength of SF6 gas (used in circuit breakers) is approximately__________?

Question 4

Type of relay most suited for

1) Buchholz relay                                        P. Feeder

2) Translay relay                                         Q. Transformer

3) Phase comparison relay                           R. Radial Phase comparison distribution Relay

4) Directional over                                       S. Generator 

5) Negative sequence                                   T. Ring main distributor                                                                                                 
                                                                  U. Long overhead transmission line

Question 5

A circuit breaker is rated as follows: 1500 A, 2000MVA, 33 KV, 3 sec, 3-phase oil circuit breaker. Determine the making current?

Question 6

Different types of relays are used in control circuits. They operate under predetermined conditions to full-fill the control requirement. Some relays are capable of operating with time- delay. Which one of the following is used as time delay relay?

Question 7

HRC fuses are used for:

Question 8

The arc voltage in a circuit breaker

Question 9

Which of the following method is used to decrease ratio and phase angle error in current transformer?

Question 10

The breaking capacity of SF6 circuit breaker is not affected by
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