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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-25

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Question 1

The value of hall coefficient is positive for

1) Intrinsic semiconductor

2) Metals

3) P-type semiconductor

4) N-type semiconductor

Question 2

Value of susceptibility of a material having magnetic field density 1.6 T and magnetic field intensity 1 kA/m is:

Question 3

Material whose specific resistance abruptly falls at very low temperature are called:

Question 4

The sharing of electrons between adjacent atoms is called:

Question 5

The properties of ceramic include:

I. High melting point.

II. High electrical and thermal conductivity.

III. High dielectric strength.

IV. Chemical inertness.

Question 6

Choose the correct option related to plastic deformation:

1. It follows Hooke’s law.

2. Plastic deformation corresponds to the breaking of bonds with original atom neighbour and then re-forming bonds with new neighbour.

Question 7

What is the mass of photon having wavelength of 3.5A° ? [Given, Plank's constant, h= 6.6 × 10–34 J-s]

Question 8

As per de Broglie’s relationship, the wavelength λ related to its mass mand velocity v is

Question 9

Which of the following statements regarding an atom are correct?

1) If two atoms with similar ionization potential form a bond, then this bond will most probably be either covalent or metallic.

2) When atoms with different ionization potentials form a bond, the bond will be mainly ionic.

3) If the atom or molecule already has its outer shells completely full, then the bonding between the atoms or molecules will be a secondary bond when it solidifies.

Question 10

Light is capable of transferring electrons to the free state inside a material thus increasing the electrical conductivity of the material. When the energy imparted to the electrons is quite large, the latter may be emitted from the material into the surrounding medium. This phenomenon is known as
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