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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-20

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Question 1

In an insulated cable having core diameter d and overall diameter D, the ratio of maximum to minimum dielectric stress is given by

Question 2

A transmission line is compensated with shunt capacitance Csh. If the uncompensated transmission line surge impedance is Zs, then the new surge impedance Zn after shunt compensation will be ?

Question 3

Which of the following decides the insulation level of 400 KV, EHV line?

Question 4

Counter poise is used for

Question 5

In a day, the power demands vary as

50 MW 6 hours

80 MW 4 hours

30 MW 10 hours

40 MW 4 hours

The connected load is 100 MW. The load and demand factors are respectively

Question 6

A thermal power plant has an efficiency of 25% with 1 kg of coal burnt to give 1 kWhr electrical energy. What is the calorific value of coal?

Question 7

The surge impedance loading of a single circuit 240 kV line is around .

Question 8

Which is correct in case of High Voltage DC Transmission?

Question 9

Which of the following statement is NOT correct about ACSR conductors?

Question 10

Loss in transmission line is 20 MW and is loaded at 110kV. If load is 200 MVA and length is 100 km then resistance per km is _________.
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