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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-13

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Question 1

The maximum permissible time of de-energization of the faulty circuit is dependent on

Question 2

For which of the following type of fault, all the three sequence networks are connected parallel to each other?

Question 3

A 3-phase, 100 MVA, 11 kV generator has the following p.u. constants. The generator neutral is solidly grounded. X1 = X2 = 3X0 = 0.15Ω. The ratio of the fault current due to three-phase dead-short-circuit to that due to L-G fault would be nearly

Question 4

The vector sum of positive sequence currents is ?

Question 5

In case of transmission line conductors, with the increase in atmospheric temperature

Question 6

A stranded conductor has

Question 7

In a single-line diagram, equivalent representation of transformer is.

Question 8

A 3-ϕ fault occurs at the middle of transmission line at point F. The generator having reactance Xd’’ = 0.29 p.u. and each transformer having X = 0.1 p.u. & each transmission line having reactance of X = 0.3 p.u. Find the transfer reactance between generator and infinite bus?

Question 9

The positive component of voltage at the point of fault is zero, when the fault is

Question 10

Which of the following material has the maximum dielectric strength?
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