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Question 1

At times of peak loads, a power system need

Question 2

The daily energy produced in a thermal power station is 720 MWh at a load factor of 0.6. What is the maximum demand of the station?

Question 3

Which of the following conductors below are homogenous conductors?

Question 4

Among the following what are the shunt parameters

Question 5

A plant have the load factor of 0.7 and plant capacity factor 0.5. The maximum demand on the plant is 500 MW. Find the reserve capacity of the plant ?

Question 6

Single-core cables are usually not provided with armouring in order to

Question 7

For the differential protection of power transformer (star\delta), the current transformer will have.

Question 8

In coal-fired thermal power-stations, what are the electrostatic precipitators used for?

Question 9

In the load-frequency control system with free governor action, the increase in load demand under steady condition is met

Question 10

The term ‘Surge Tank’ is associated with which type of power plant?
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