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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 9

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Question 1

An excavation is made with a vertical face in a clay soil which has C = 50 KN/m2, γ = 18 KN/m3. The maximum depth of excavation so that the excavation is stable if Sn = 0.261 for Φ = 900.

Question 2

Calculate the percentage efficiency of BOD removal of an activated sludge treatment plant:

Incoming BOD = 250 mg/l

Outgoing BOD = 20 mg/l

Question 3

Determine the probable error (in m) in the circumference of a circle of radius 16.5 m with probable error in the radius of ±0.35 m.

Question 4

The diameter of droplet is 0.075 mm. What is the intensity of the pressure (N/sq. cm) developed in the droplet by surface tension of 0.000075 N/mm?

Question 5

The subgrade properties of a sample are as follows:

Soil portion passing 0.075 mm sieve = 35%

Liquidity limit = 40%

Plasticity limit = 20%

The group index of the soil is

Question 6

In a rectangular beam of size 200 mm x 400 mm, if the ultimate shear force due to design load is 80 kN. Then the Nominal shear stress will be

Question 7

Choose the most appropriate answer and fill in the blanks:
If you had ______ you would have certainly got the scholarship.

Question 8

Which answer figure will complete the pattern in the question figure?

Question 9

Like Vedic Aryan, the custom of sacrificial fire was also followed by

Question 10

UMANG app launched by Ministry of Electronic and Information technology stands for:
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