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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 25

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Question 1

In the concrete pump, the part of the pump that receives and holds concrete before it is sucked into the pumping cylinder is known as

Question 2

The stiffness coefficient kij designates

Question 3

If the irrigation efficiency is 80%, conveyance losses are 20%, the actual depth of watering is 16 cm, the depth of water required at the canal outlet is

Question 4

A test plate 30 cm × 30 cm resting on a sand deposit settles by 12 mm under a certain loading intensity. A footing 150 cm × 200 cm resting on the same sand deposit and loaded to the same load intensity settles by

Question 5

The plinth area of building does not include

Question 6

When suspended impurities of water are separated by action of nature forces alone, the process is known as

Question 7

What is the elaboration of “www” written at the beginning of the name of a webpage?

Question 8

Which two signs do need to be interchanged to correct the following equation?

Question 9

Which of the following is not a homophonic pair?

Question 10

Who was the leader in Bareilly in 1857?
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