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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 24

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Question 1

For an activity A – B, EST = 8 days, LST = 12 days and free float = 1 days, then slack at event B is given by

Question 2

An industrial building with 5 bays each 3 m wide has columns of height 4 m. The two end bays are braced by rods as shown in the below figure. Each column carries an axial load of 120 kN. The design force for each brace is

Question 3

Statement (I) : Rapid method of concrete mixdesign will take 3 days for trials.

Statement (II) : This rapid method depends on curing the concrete in warm water at or above 55°C

Question 4

Higher value of COD/BOD ratio indicates that:

Question 5

A tube system open to the atmosphere is to be rotated about the inner tube as shown in the figure. What is the rotational speed at which the inner tube in empty?

Question 6

A pile group of 4 piles has been founded a hard stratum such that piles derive their capacity mainly from end bearing. If each pile of square cross-section of size 300 mm has been used, the minimum spacing between piles in the pile group as recommended by IS 2911: 210:

Question 7

Select the most appropriate idiom (in the context) to fill in the sentence.

In modern democratic societies _____________ seems to have become a common feature in almost all the spheres of life.

Question 8

Select the most appropriate meaning of the idiom underlined in the sentence.

Those persons who are ready to sail close to the wind can be successful in life.

Question 9

Which of the following is an application protocol?

Question 10

The length of Punjab Himalayas is_____
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