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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 21

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Question 1

The maximum diameter of the reinforcement bars in R.C.C. slabs is ______.

Question 2

Quartzite is a ______.

Question 3

A compaction factor of 0.75 indicates

Question 4

The solution of salts from the soil absorbed by the trees which becomes a viscous solution due to loss of moisture and action of carbon dioxide is knownas: ­

Question 5

Excess of silica in the clay ______.

Question 6

The maximum shear force in a cantilever beam with uniformly distributed load W per unit length, over the whole length L, is

Question 7

Who was elected as the Protem Speaker of the 17th LokSabha?

Question 8

How many times has Viswanathan Anand won the World Chess Champion title as of January 2020?

Question 9

A/an ________ is a central server on a computer network that enables connected clients to access the server's storage capacities.

Question 10

Who has developed the Automatically Programmable Tool (APT)?
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