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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 2

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Question 1

Property of clay by which they regain a part of their strength lost due to remoulding is known as

Question 2

A plain sedimentation tank has dimensions 100 x 50 x 3 m and receives a flow of 100000 m3/d. Calculate the surface overflow rate in m3/m2/day. Take density of particle = 2.65 g/cc and dynamic viscosity η = 1.02 x 10-2 cm2/sec:

Question 3

A building has been purchased by a person at a cost of Rs. 25,000. The useful life of the building is 40 years and the scrap value of the building is Rs. 3,000. Calculate the annual sinking fund (Rs.) at the rate of 5% interest.

Question 4

As per IS 456:2000 , if Span/depth ratio for span less than 10m. then beam is

Question 5

The load carrying capacity of an individual friction pile is 250 KN. What is the total load carrying capacity of a group of 4 such piles with group efficiency as 0.78?

Question 6

The area under stress strain curve represents ______.

Question 7

Who among the following wrote “Manucharita” which gives a detailed account of the Vijaynagar Empire?

Question 8

Which among the following steps taken by RBI is not suitable for reducing the inflation?

Question 9

Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

The student had an _________ for science.

Question 10

An error in a computer program is
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