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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 18

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Question 1

The greyish colour of Portland cements is due to the presence of :

Question 2

The minimum grade of reinforced concrete in sea water as per IS 456 : 2000 is

Question 3

The effective span, of cantilever slab at the end of a continuous slab is,

Question 4

In plate load test to determine the bearing capacity, if soil is sand, then bearing capacity of footing is

Question 5

The slenderness of bracing members shall not exceed

Question 6

Equivalent upward uniform load when centroid of tendon is parabolic in shape with effective prestressing force “P”, length “L”, central dip” h” is

Question 7

In concrete, Cylinder strength

Question 8

An alidade is used in plane table surveying for

Question 9

The effect of grade on safe overtaking sight distances is to

Question 10

In beams the maximum area of the reinforcement in tension reinforcement shall not exceed
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