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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 16

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Question 1

In case of biaxial stresses, the maximum value of shear stress is

Question 2

Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 3

In case of curved ducts, the loss of prestress depends upon the redius of curvature (R) of the duct and the coefficient of friction () between duct surface and the tendon. The tension at any point of the cable distance ‘x’ from the end is given by____________.

Question 4

The minimum area of tension reinforcement required in a rectangular beam section 200 mm × 400 mm if Fe415 steel is used at 25 mm effective cover:

Question 5

Sway calculations and non-sway calculations are carried out in a single operation in

Question 6

A continuous beam has AB as one of the spans. It is subjected to fixed end moments at end A and B as FEMA and FEMB respectively under given loads. It has length ‘L’ and flexural rigidity EI. It rotates at end A and B by and respectively. The member axis rotates through clockwise angle . The moment at end A is given by:

Question 7

The minimum size of the reinforcement bar in RCC column is

Question 8

Approximate ratio of the strength of the cement concrete of 7 days to that of 28 days is ______.

Question 9

If the bearing is not specified for the lintel, in the estimation it is usually taken as _______.

Question 10

The correction for sag is
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