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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 11

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Question 1

An outlet irrigates an area of 20 hectares. The discharge (in cumec) required at this outlet to meet the evapotranspiration required of 86.40 mm occurring uniformly in 20 days neglecting other field losses is.

Question 2

In a square column of side 600 mm the unsupported length of column in the direction is considered to be 5 m. The minimum eccentricity for the design of column is

Question 3

A unit hydrograph has

Question 4

Pozzolana cement is used with confidence for construction of ________.

Question 5

For a grit channel, if the recommended flow velocity is 0.25 m/s and the detention period is 1 minute, then length of the tank is:

Question 6

In chain survey execution, the first step taken is ______.

Question 7

The average of six numbers is 3.95. The average of two of them is 3.4, while the average of the other two is 3.85. the average of the remaining two numbers is

Question 8

Direction: Which of the following structures of the given words best represents a grammatically and meaningfully coherent sentence?
Only goal to be attained by all the worthwhile is moksha and the path only is renunciation.

Question 9

Monistic theory of sovereignty stated by

Question 10

What kind of network does smart wearable devices use?
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