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Geometry Questions for SSC CGL: The most well-known exam for candidates seeking government employment is SSC CGL. There are different subjects asked in the SSC CGL Exam, namely, English, Maths, Reasoning etc. Of which the most crucial subject of the SSC CGL Exam is Maths. The Quantitative Aptitude comprises 250 marks in total in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 exams.

One of the most crucial, high-scoring, and yet most despised topics in the SSC CGL Maths section is Geometry. About 25% of the SSC CGL paper in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 is composed of quantitative ability (QA). CGL makes up about 20% of the quant portion of both of these Tier 1 & 2 of SSC exams. Therefore, the significance of geometry questions for SSC CGL 2022 is obvious and doesn't require a lengthy introduction.

In this article, we are going to provide you with essential Geometry Questions for SSC CGL along with its syllabus, books, SSC CGL geometry previous year questions, and SSC CGL Geometry Topics.

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Geometry Questions for SSC CGL

Despite the fact that SSC CGL geometry questions are crucial, due to the extensiveness of the syllabus, students often ignore this topic. Moreover, the principles we learned till Class 10 are only slightly expanded in SSC CGL Geometry Questions. As a result, if approached methodically, one can easily master the art of solving SSC CGL Geometry Questions within a few months only!

SSC CGL Geometry Topics

SSC CGL Geometry Syllabus is very vast, and aspirants should know the major topic that has been asked in the CGL exam over the years. Listed below are a few important SSC CGL Geometry topics that one must study if he aims to crack the SSC CGL in the first attempt.

  1. Basics of Geometry
  2. Polygons
  3. Triangle
  4. Circle
  5. Quadrilateral
  6. Miscellaneous (Covering Mensuration)

If you understand the fundamentals of the topics described above, they are simple. To answer their questions more effectively, you must thoroughly grasp the concepts. Most of the SSC CGL Geometry questions will be based on figures therefore, understand all the laws and theorems. You should have information on your tips about angles, lines, chords, tangents, different kinds of triangles, etc.

SSC CGL Geometry Syllabus

For your reference, a systematic and detailed SSC CGL Syllabus for Geometry is provided below. Candidates are advised to go through the detailed SSC CGL Geometry Syllabus to kickstart their preparation for SSC CGL 2022.

  • Comprehending the basic concepts of SSC CGL Geometry
  • Understanding the base-level concepts of geometry itself
  • An introduction to Parallel lines
  • An introduction to triangles
  • Concepts and theorems of triangles
  • Basic concept of Orthocentre
  • Questions on Triangles
  • Basic concepts of similar and congruent triangles
  • Concepts of similar triangle theorems
  • An introduction to quadrilaterals
  • Questions related to Rhombus and Trapezium
  • Basic concepts of Trapezium
  • Basic concepts of Polygons
  • An introduction to Circles
  • Basic concepts of chords
  • Important theorems pertaining to Circles
  • Important SSC CGL Geometry questions covering circles

SSC CGL Geometry Previous Year Questions

Solving SSC CGL Previous Year Question Paper is one of the best ways to cognizant yourself with the types of questions asked and know your weak areas. Also, if you are lucky enough, then you might see a few questions getting repeat with a sight modification! Take a look at the important SSC CGL Geometry Previous Year Questions listed below.

1. The radii of two circles are 4 cm and 3 cm, respectively. What is the diameter (in cm) of the circle having an area equal to four times the sum of the areas of the two circles?

A. 12
B. 20
C. 24
D. 10

Answer ||| B

2. In the following figure, MN is a tangent to a circle with centre O at point A. If BC is diameter and  ABC = 42°, then find the measure of  MAB


A. 84°
B. 48°
C. 42°
D. 45°

Answer ||| B

3. In a ΔABC, D, E and F are the mid-points of side BC, CA and AB, respectively. If BC = 14.4 cm, CA = 15.2 cm and AB = 12.4 cm, what is the perimeter (in cm) of the ΔDEF?

A. 42
B. 28
C. 21
D. 35

Answer ||| C

4. PQ and RS are two parallel chords of a circle of length 14 cm and 48 cm, respectively, and lie on the same side of the centre O. If the distance between the chords is 17 cm, what is the radius (in cm) of the circle?

A. 28
B. 24
C. 25
D. 20

Answer ||| C

5. In Δ ABC, the perpendicular drawn from A, B and C meet the opposite sides at points D, E and F, respectively. AD, BE and CF intersect at point P. If EPD = 110° and the bisectors of A and B meet at point Q, then

 AQB = ? 

A. 115°
B. 110°
C. 135°
D. 125°

Answer ||| D

6. In the following figure, AD bisects angle BAC. Find the length (in cm) of BD.


A. 4
B. 5
C. 9
D. 6

Answer ||| A

7. AB is the diameter of a circle with centre O. C and D are two points on the circle on either side of AB, such that  CAB = 52° and  ABD = 47°. What is the difference (in degrees) between the measures of CAD and  CBD?

A. 10
B. 15
C. 25
D. 20

Answer ||| A

8. AB and CD are two chords in a circle with centre O and AD is the diameter. When produced, AB and CD meet at the point P. If DAP = 27°, APD = 35°, then what is the measure (in degrees) of DBC?

A. 28
B. 26
C. 30
D. 32

Answer ||| A

9. The radii of two concentric circles with centre O are 26 cm and 16 cm. Chord AB of the larger circle is tangent to the smaller circle at C and AD is a diameter. What is the length of CD?

A. 42 cm
B. 36 cm
C. 35 cm
D. 38 cm

Answer ||| D

10. In triangle ABC, the bisector of angle BAC meets BC at point D in such a way that AB= 10 cm, AC = 15 cm and BD = 6 cm. Find the length of BC (in cm).

A. 17
B. 11
C. 15
D. 9

Answer ||| C

11. The perimeters of two similar Δ ABC and Δ PQR are 48.4 cm and 12.1 cm, respectively. What is the ratio of the area of Δ ABC and Δ PQR?

A. 4:1
B. 1:16
C. 16:1
D. 1:4

Answer ||| C

12. AB is a chord of a circle with centre O. C is a point on the circle in the minor sector. If ABO = 50°, then what is the degree measure of ACB?

A. 100°
B. 130°
C. 110°
D. 140°

Answer ||| D

13. In a triangle ABC, points P and Q are on AB and AC, respectively, such that AP = 4 cm, PB = 6 cm, AQ = 5 cm and QC = 7.5 cm. If PQ = 6 cm, then find BC (in cm).

A. 10
B. 9
C. 15
D. 12

Answer ||| C

14. In a circle with centre O, PQ and QR are two chords such that PQR = 118°. What is the measure of OPR?

A. 36°
B. 26°
C. 31°
D. 28°

Answer ||| D

15. A triangle with the lengths of its sides proportional to the number 7, 24 and 30 is:

A. acute angled
B. obtuse-angled
C. not possible
D. right-angled

Answer ||| B

16. In a right triangle ABC, right-angled at B, altitude BD is drawn to the hypotenuse AC of the triangle. If AD = 6 cm, CD = 5 cm, then find the value of AB2 + BD2 (in cm2).

A. 30
B. 96
C. 36
D. 66

Answer ||| B

17. In a triangle ABC, the bisector of angle BAC meets BC at point D such that DC = 2BD. If AC – AB = 5 cm, then find the length of AB (in cm).

A. 10
B. 12
C. 7
D. 5

Answer ||| D

18. In a circle with a centre O and of radius 13 cm, two parallel chords are drawn on different sides of the centre. If the length of one chord is 10 cm and the distance between the two chords is 17 cm, then find the difference in lengths of the two chords (in cm).

A. 10
B. 14
C. 24
D. 12

Answer ||| B

SSC CGL Geometry Books

Below are the important SSC CGL Geometry books that an aspirant must have for the complete preparation of the SSC CGL Geometry section for the upcoming SSC CGL 2022 examination.

  1. Magical Books On Quicker Maths by M-Tyra (BSC publication)
  2. SSC Mathematics 5800+ by Kiran Publication
  3. Online Quiz (thousands of questions to practice are available) by BYJU'S Exam Prep

Things to Remember while attempting SSC CGL Geometry Questions

  • Don't attempt the questions until you have completely read them. 
  • Don't make any guesses. Negative marking is there, so if you are not confident about any question, then don't waste your time to solve it as it will only waste your time and deduct your marks. 
  • Don't spend more time than the allotted time. 
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  • Candidates can find the Geometry Questions for SSC CGL in this article. There are different questions available in this article that a candidate can refer to for the preparation of the Geometry section for the SSC CGL 2022 exam.

  • The important SSC CGL Geometry Topics for your reference are provided below:

    1. Basics of Geometry
    2. Polygons
    3. Triangle
    4. Circle
    5. Quadrilateral
    6. Miscellaneous (Covering Mensuration)
  • You can find SSC CGL Geometry Previous Year Questions in this article. We have compiled important Previous Years' questions in this article for your reference. These questions will be really beneficial for the candidates who are preparing for the SSC CGL 2022 Exam as Previous Years' questions give an idea about the types of questions asked in the examination.

  • Some important SSC CGL Geometry Books that you can refer to for the SSC CGL 2022 Examination are:

    1. Magical Books On Quicker Maths by M-Tyra (BSC publication)
    2. SSC Mathematics 5800+ by Kiran Publication
    3. Online Quiz (thousands of questions to practice are available) by BYJU'S Exam Prep
  • SSC Geometry Previous Year Questions are important as Previous Year Questions provide the idea about the questions and the depth of the questions that are going to be asked in the examination. Candidates are advised to solve as many SSC Geometry Previous Year Questions as they can because sometimes SSC often repeats the questions in the examination.

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