Geography through Maps: Video Lecture Series

By Sneha Shanti|Updated : February 22nd, 2019

Every year, geography questions are asked in the range of 8-12 for UPSC Civil Services Examination Prelims. This brings you to a total of 25 marks. Thus, it is evident that the importance of geography cannot be undermined. 

Geography gives you the insight of your surrounding and the processes it encompasses, and this is very important for knowing how natural surrounding has an impact on our lives. Studying "Geography through Maps" is considered as the most effective techniques in geography.

To help students in their exam preparation, we are giving you a list of all the Free video session that have been taken by Abhishek sir keeping in mind the needs of the exam, giving you people all the tricks to ace this section for UPSC IAS prelims.

Geography through Maps: Video Lecture Series




Continents (Part-1: Australia and Antarctica)

Watch here

Continents (Part-2: Africa and South America)

Watch here

Continents (Part-3: North America and Europe)

Watch here

Continents (Part-4: Asia)

Watch here

 India Physiography - Part-1

Watch here

India Physiography - Part-2

Watch here

Indian Climate

Watch here

Drainage System in India

Watch here

To study any subject for UPSC CSE Prelims, it is important that you strictly adhere to the syllabus. The syllabus says “ Indian and World Geography-Physical, Social, Economical Geography of India and the World.

Thus, while preparation, the strategy must be to cover all that elements mentioned in the syllabus.

Aspirants are often seen struggling with the right way to approach this subject. A lot of whom go on to refer books by Khullar and Savinder Singh which is extensive and not needed unless you are studying for your optional paper. Aspirants need to discover the right way to prepare this section.

What can serve best besides NCERTs, G.C.Leong and Atlas are two major things,

  • Mnemonics (tricks) to help remember physiography and the related surroundings.
  • Draw linkages with the surroundings as its manifestation can be seen in everyday instances.

It is proved by researchers that illustration helps a person grasp things in a better way than what they are reading. It gives them an ease to figure out the narrative and hence their comprehension.


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Sneha Shanti

Sneha ShantiFeb 22, 2019

@Pragati Rastogi Hi, we will come up with History videos too in a couple fo days. Stay tuned.
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Please update hindi also
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Ramanan DFeb 22, 2019

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