How to Prepare for GK Section for RBI Grade B Exam 2020-2021

By Sheetal Goyal|Updated : February 1st, 2021

GK Strategy for RBI Grade B Exam 2020-2021 In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for the GK section for RBI Grade B exam 2020. As you all know, the day-by-day competition to crack bank exam is getting tougher so we have to make our best working strategy to scoring maximum marks in General Awareness section which is one of the most scoring and the least time-consuming section. 

Benjamin Franklin has rightly said:-  “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

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Importance of General Awareness:

(i) General Awareness section has become an essential part of the majority of banking/recruitment examinations conducted in India.

(ii) This section enables the examiner to know the level of candidate’s awareness about national and international current affairs, economics, sports, etc. Essentially it checks how much is the candidate keeping up with the happenings around the world.

(iii) While most exams check only your general awareness, the same section in banking exams incorporates questions with special reference to the banking industry as well.

General Awareness Syllabus:

General Awareness is a collaboration of 3 subjects in all which are:-

  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Affairs
  • Static GK
  • Economic and Social Issues
  • Finance and Management

Major topics covered in Banking Awareness/Gk/Current Affairs are:-

  • Current Affairs of last six months especially reference to the Banking Industry.
  • Questions on Indian Economy
  • International Economy
  • UNO, IMF, World Bank, ADB, BRICS
  • Indian Constitution Questions
  • Financial News
  • Important Committees
  • Awards & Honors Sports
  • Agriculture
  • History of Banking
  • Countries / currencies
  • Books & Their Authors
  • Banking Terms

Major topics covered in Economic and Social Issues are:-

  • Growth and Development – Measurement of growth
  • National Income and per capita income
  • Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India
  • Sustainable Development and Environmental issues
  • Economic Reforms in India
  • Industrial and Labour Policy
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • Privatization 
  • Role of Economic Planning
  • Globalization: Opening up of the Indian Economy
  • Balance of Payments

Major topics covered in Finance and Management are:-

  • Regulators of Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Reserve Bank of India- functions, and conduct of monetary policy, Banking System in India,
    Financial Institutions – SIDBI, EXIM, NABARD, NHB, etc.
  • Primary and Secondary Markets (Forex, Money, Bond, Equity, etc.), functions, instruments, recent
  • . Risk Management in Banking Sector
  • Basics of Derivatives: Forward, Futures and Swap
  • Changing Landscape of Banking sector
  • Recent Developments in the Financial Sector, Portfolio Investment, Public Sector Reforms,
  • Financial Inclusion- use of technology
  • Alternate source of finance, private and social cost-benefit, Public-Private Partnership
  • Corporate Governance in Banking Sector, the role of e-governance in addressing the issues of
    corruption and inefficiency in the government sector

 General Awareness Pattern in Various Exams:

Bank Exams GA SectionNo. of QuestionsMarks
RBI Grade B officer Exam8080
SBI PO Main Exam4040
IBPS PO Main Exam 4040
IBPS Clerk Main Exam 5040
SBI Clerk Main Exam5040

Strategy for the RBI Grade B Prelims Exam:

1. Make your own notes for examination:

It is very important to make your own notes about getting good marks. The strategy is to make a thick notebook for GS. Whenever you read anything very important to your banking exams just note it down pointwise.

2. Read  Newspaper Daily:-

Read newspapers or our Daily Gk update regularly as it has very relevant facts and data useful for exams. Note down those points which are relevant for the banking exam. Increase your reading speed by daily reading some articles which will help you in Reading Comprehension in English Section also.

3. Watch the news for 15-30 minutes daily for all the current happenings of the world.

4. Read and mug it up Daily GK UPDATE, Weekly One Liner, Monthly Digest & GK Tornado.

5. Attend online quizzes and mock tests regularly.

6. Read Current Affairs and Banking Awareness Magazines like Partiyogita Darpan, Banking Service Chronicle and Arihant, etc.

7. For Banking Awareness You can purchase a book of famous banker n writer N.S Toor and books recommended for JAIIB exams.

8. For Banking, Economy & Financial News – To cover Banking, Economy & Financial News must read various newspaper online – The Economics times (Banking & Finance section), Business lines (Money & Banking section), Business today (Economy & Market section), Financial Express (Economy section).

9. Learn By relating matter with Images or story:

This is the most important technique one can follow. You can learn things by relating them with any image or by making a story on them. You can also learn and mug up Banking terms or static GK or current affairs by using this technique.

For Example- Important Current Affair News:-“Govt. appoints Ajay Bhushan Pandey UIDAI CEO”.

Now we will make a short story to learn this fact for a longer period of time.

Story:  Ajay, Bhushan, and Pandey were three friends who very talented and famous in a Govt. IIT named U and I Die (DAI) hence Mr. Modi makes them CEOs for Aadhaar Card checking…..

10. Always try to keep yourself updated with important events and happenings in the world.

11. Have zeal in your belly to solve all the questions correctly in your GS section by practising and practising.

AT LAST: Friends it is upon us that how desperate we are for learning new things in our life. How desperate we are for changing our lifestyle. General Awareness section is just like fun. If we can develop greater interest in this subject. We can score more than 75% and can score high in the banking exams.

It is important that no matter how skilled, talented or knowledgeable you are in your respective field, you must spend time every day preparing. Prepare for the next step, the next goal, the next big moment when it arises -- because you never know when it will come.

Mahatma Gandhi Ji has correctly said: - “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Below we are sharing some questions which have been asked in the previous year RBI Grade B Officer Exam held in 2019. You will get an idea about the types of questions that can be asked in the upcoming exam. 

General Awareness / Banking / Financial / Economy 


1. Where is the Headquarters of Laxmi Vilas Bank?

Ans:  Chennai

Daily GK Update: 7-8th April 2019 (11th News)

2. Which of the following countries will host the G20 summit in 2020?

Ans: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Daily GK Update: 22nd June 2019(1st News)

3. Where is the headquarters of the American Economic Association located? 

Ans: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

4. Where is the headquarters of UN-Habitat located?

Ans: Nairobi, Kenya

5. Lalji Tandon is Governor of which state? 

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

6. southeast Asia's largest solar park which has a capacity of 688 KMWs is inaugurated in which country?

Ans: Vietnam

7. The Reserve Bank of Indian has revised the minimum paid-up capital of Small Finance Bank to ____.

Ans: 200 crores

8.  2019 Nobel Prize for Chemistry is given for the invention of ____.

Ans: Lithium-ion Batteries

9. Three scientists, James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz have won the Nobel Prize 2019 in _____

Ans: Physics

10. Who among the following has won the 2019 Japan Open single title in Tokyo, Japan?

Ans: Novak Djokovic

11. Pakyong Airport is located in ____.

Ans: Sikkim

12. Joint Military Exercise of India and Maldives 'Ex Ekuverin 2019'  was held from 7th-20th October 2019 in _______. 

Ans: Pune

13. Rohit Sharma has launched 'Rhino 4 Rhino' campaign in partnership with WWF India and ______

Ans: Animal Planet

14. What was the venue of SCO Summit 2019 held November 2019 in which defence Minister  Rajnath Singh represented India?

Ans: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

15. PV Sindhu is the brand ambassador of which organization? 

Ans: Visa
16. Rudra Sagar Lake is situated in which state?

Ans: Tripura
17. Who among the following has been appointed as the first Lieutenant (Lt) Governors of Ladakh, the newly created Union Territories of India?

Ans: Radha Krishna Mathur

18. Union Minister Piyush Goyal is a member of Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of Indian Parliament, from which state?

Ans: Maharashtra 

19. Ratapani  Tiger Reserve is in which state?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh 

20. Which organization has relaxed the norms for 'Muni Bonds' issuance to help smart cities as well as entities working in areas of city planning and urban development work?




1. UNESCO headquarters in which city____

Ans: Paris, France

2. INTERPOL Headquarter is in which city? 

Ans: Lyon, France

3. Which country announced withdrawal from OPEC?

Ans: Qatar

4. Who has won the best actor award at 66th National Film Award?

Ans: Vicky Kaushal and Ayushmann Khurrana

5. The 10th edition of the joint military exercise 'Vajra Prahar' between India and 

Ans: US 

6. The 10th edition of the joint military exercise 'Vajra Prahar' between India and the US held at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) in ---

Ans: Seattle from October 13-28.

7. The 2019 AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships were held in ____.

Ans: Ulan-Ude, Russia

8. On October 11, 2019, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) came up with a new reporting system called Central Information System for Banking Infrastructure (CISBI) for__________.

Ans: All cooperative banks

9. Jagdeep Dhankar is governor of which state? 

Ans: West Bengal

10. Which Bank Merged with United Bank of India

Ans: Punjab National Bank

11. New Version of BHIM 2.0 supports how much additional languages?

Ans: Three (Konkani Bhojpuri and Haryanvi)

12. India International Cooperatives Trade Fair 2019 organised in which city?

Ans: New Delhi

13. Which ministry has launched 'Pradhan Mantri Innovative Learning Programme - DHRUV'?

Ans: Union Human Resource Development

14. State Trading Corp, Project and Equipment Corp is under which ministry? 

Ans: Commerce ministry

15. Bali Jatra festival held in which state?

Ans: Odisha

16. Which country has pledged to eliminate ‘kafala system’?

Ans:  Qatar

17. Which Indian Company hits a market cap of 9 lakh crore?

Ans: Reliance Industries Limited

18. Mohamed bin Zayed University is a ____

Ans: World's First Artificial Intelligence

19. Which Bank introduces new fixed deposit scheme 'FD Health'?

Ans: ICICI Bank

20. Mount Paektu is located in____. 

Ans: China

21. Which UT has the smallest land area?

Ans: Lakshadweep

22. The Frank Worrell Trophy is awarded to the winner of Australia and which countries Test cricket match teams?

Ans: West Indies

23. Bernardine Evaristo Win the 2019 Booker Prize for which book?

Ans: Girl, Woman, Other

24. Bali Yatra Festivals celebrated in which state? 

Ans: Odisha

25. Which Airline used Taxibot on an A320 aircraft with passengers on-board?

Ans: Air India

26. 'Shinyuu Maitri' was carried out in which state?

Ans:  West Bengal

27. Kuchipudi is a dance-drama associated with the State of______

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

29. The 2020 Summer Olympics is scheduled to take place in Tokyo, Japan from ____

Ans: 24th July to 9th August 2020

30. First-Ever India International Cooperatives Trade Fair (IICTF) was held in which city?

Ans: New Delhi

Some Tips for Beginners to crack the RBI Grade B Exam 2020-2021

  • If you think that only people with a strong finance background clear this exam: Not true at all. People with journalism as background are also selected in this exam. Read the eligibility criteria for details.
  • If you think that people from IITs and IIMs grads are preferred than you are wrong. There is not any preference given to anyone. That's a myth. Everything depends on your Phase I, II and interview marks.
  • If you will focus on Phase I for now and then on Phase II, you will be doing a big mistake. 

For UPSC candidates, Economics and GS might help you, but RBI Phase I paper contains many fact-based or stats questions, like the amount allocated to a particular scheme which is not the case with UPSC.

So students when you are getting everything at your fingertips, why to wait for the notification. It takes the practice of months and dedication to get the fruitful results. Take the free trial of the course now and equipped your study material with the best you can.

To help you boost your preparation and to provide endless benefits with the guidance from the experts, we have launched a new course to ace your preparation for RBI Grade B officer. If you have not taken the free trial, take it now and do not forget to check the contents of the course below.

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