Do’s & Don’ts of Group Discussion (GD) Round of Top MBA Colleges: Important Instructions

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : February 3rd, 2022

Group Discussion is an important part of the final selection process for admission into the top MBA colleges. Every MBA College admission requires an entrance test score, followed by GD/PI round.

GDs are based on various topics like business, economy, current affairs, and the candidates are evaluated based on their communication skills. So, they must keep themselves updated with the latest current affairs. Candidates should have a habit of reading newspapers and good magazines. A good knowledge of GK and current affairs will give the candidates a good knowledge about all the current topics.

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Here are some Do’s & Don’ts of Group Discussion Round for Top MBA Colleges

What is evaluated in GD?

The GD round, for admission in business school, evaluates candidates on the following aspects:

  • Communication and Interpersonal skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Leadership and teamwork skills
  • Reasoning and analytical skills
  • Creative thinking ability
  • Instant thinking ability
  • Assertiveness and flexibility

Important Do’s and Don’ts for Group Discussion

The GD process in IIMs is conducted among 8-10 candidates. A topic or situation is given to them for discussion within a limited time frame. A panel observes the communication skills of each candidate and evaluates their ability accordingly. BYJU’S Exam Prep experts highlight some important points on Do’s and Don’ts, that the candidates may find it beneficial during group discussions.

Follow Formal Attire

Dressing sense determines the personality of a person. So, the candidates must dress smartly in a formal outfit instead of wearing a casual dress. This will increase their confidence and keep them comfortable while speaking in the group.

Listen Before then speak

Always be a good listener to succeed in GD. Please pay attention when others are talking because it is important to coherent the conversation with positive involvement.

Maintain Eye contact while Speaking

Always keep eye contact with other candidates of GD while speaking. It makes the candidates more likely to become trustworthy and persuasive. 

Don’t Rush Into

If the candidate is unsure about the GD topic, then it is better to understand the topic from others’ discussions. But, do not speak too much, as it will reduce the consistency of speaking. 

Allow others to speak

Never interrupt others when they are speaking, even if the candidate does not agree with their comment. Rather, the candidate must make points and wait for their turn. 

Answered Politely

Always use simple language to express your thoughts and speak politely without being irritated. Avoid being aggressive all the time, as this will negatively impact on candidate’s personality.

Maintain Positive Attitude

The candidates must remember that GD is one type of team activity. So, they should not dominate others. They must ensure their positive body language and show interest in others’ thoughts.

Avoid long answers

Always remember that GD has limited time to discuss the given topic. So, basic analysis on the topic is sufficient for a candidate to convey thoughts precisely. 

Maintain a flow of speaking 

If the candidates ever feel that the discussion is veering away from the actual topic, they must take the initiative to bring the discussion on the right track again. It will present the leadership skills of the candidates.



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