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Question 1

Assuming that the diodes in the circuit are ideal, then V0 is ___V

Question 2

The value ‘Vx’ in the figure below is ____ (in V). (Rounded up to two decimal places)

Question 3

Two coupled coils connected in series have an equivalent inductance of 16 mH or 8 mH depending upon the connection. The value of mutual inductance is

Question 4

The Thevenin’s equivalent voltage across the terminals ab is______.

Question 5

In the regulator circuit shown below VZ = 12 V, β = 50, VBE = 0.7 V. The Zener current is ______mA.

Question 6

A series feedback amplifier using a transconductance amplifier operates with VS = 100mV, Vf = 95mV, I0 = 10mA

Find the overall gain with feedback

Question 7

Find the output voltage of the following circuit assume the ideal op-amp behavior.

______ .

Question 8

In the circuit shown in figure, the output voltage V0 is __________, if the NMOS transistor have Vth = 1V of

Question 9

The time period of the output generated by the op-amp circuit shown in figure is  (in sec). (For diode V= 0.7 V).

Question 10

Consider the circuit shown below. Assume diodes are ideal

If V1 = 10V and V2 = 5V then output voltage Vo will be _____ V

Question 11

For an RC – Circuit, the response for the unit step excitation is 1 – e-t. The response for an excitation 2u(t) for  is

Question 12

The sum of Z-parameters of the two port network shown below is ______?

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