GATE ME Weightage Analysis for Strength of Materials

By Mukul Yadav|Updated : March 16th, 2023

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a highly competitive examination for postgraduate admissions and job opportunities in the field of engineering and technology. As a mechanical engineering aspirant, one of the most important subjects to prepare for is Strength of Materials (SOM). GATE ME weightage analysis for the strength of materials includes analyzing the expected cutoffs, previous years' trends, etc.

Here we are providing the detailed GATE ME weightage analysis for the Strength of Materials. GATE ME Exam conducted in various sessions. The following weightage analysis helps you to understand the importance of the subject in the GATE Exam.

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GATE ME Weightage Analysis for Strength of Materials

In the GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME) paper, SOM carries a significant weightage. Based on the GATE ME weightage analysis of previous years' question papers, SOM questions have been asked consistently and carry an average weightage of 10-12 marks out of the total 65 marks in the paper. This indicates the importance of SOM in the GATE ME examination.

Strength of Materials Analysis

  • GATE Mechanical Engineering 2021
    • Paper-1 Analysis: 7 Marks
    • Paper-2 Analysis: 7 Marks
  • GATE Mechanical Engineering 2020
    • Paper-1 Analysis: 5 Marks
    • Paper-2 Analysis: 6 Marks
  • GATE Mechanical Engineering 2019
    • Paper-1 Analysis: 8 Marks
    • Paper-2 Analysis: 9 Marks
  • GATE Mechanical Engineering 2018
    • Paper-1 Analysis: 14 Marks
    • Paper-2 Analysis: 10 Marks
  • GATE Mechanical Engineering 2017
    • Paper-1 Analysis: 11 Marks
    • Paper-2 Analysis: 8 Marks
  • GATE Mechanical Engineering 2016
    • Paper-1 Analysis: 9 Marks
    • Paper-2 Analysis: 8 Marks
    • Paper-3 Analysis: 11 Marks

Topic-wise Analysis of the Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials (SOM) is a broad subject that covers a wide range of topics. In the GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME) paper, the following topics are asked in the GATE exam in previous years.

  • Topics covered in 2021: Stresses and strains, Bending of Beams, Deflection of Beams, Theory of Failures, Buckling
  • Topics covered in 2020: Shear Force & Bending Moment Diagrams, principal Stresses & strains, MOHR circle, Buckling of Column
  • Topics covered in 2019: Thermal stresses, Stress & Strain, Twisting Moment, Deflection, Mohr’s circle
  • Topics covered in 2018: Poisson's Ratio, Shear Stress, Stress in Beams, Plain Stress, Torsion, Columns, Thin cylinders, True stress, and Combined bar(Al, Steel)
  • Topics covered in 2017: Maximum shear stress, Thermal stresses, Bending moment, Thin Cylindrical Shells, Principle, Stresses and Strains in Plane Stresses, torsion, and Axial load.


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FAQs about GATE ME Weightage Analysis for Strength of Materials

  • The weightage of the Strength of Materials in GATE ME is around 10-12 marks out of a total of 65 marks.

  • Some of the important topics in Strength of Materials for GATE ME are stress and strain, shear force and bending moment diagrams, deflection of beams, torsion of circular shafts, and Mohr's circle.

  • To prepare for Strength of Materials in GATE ME, you should start by understanding the basic concepts and then move on to solving numerical problems. You can also refer to standard textbooks like Strength of Materials by R.K. Bansal and Strength of Materials by Gere and Timoshenko.

  • Yes, solving previous year's question papers is an important part of your preparation for Strength of Materials in GATE ME. It will give you an idea about the type of questions asked and the difficulty level of the exam.

  • GATE ME (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering - Mechanical Engineering) is a national-level entrance exam conducted for admissions into various postgraduate programs in Mechanical Engineering and related fields in India.



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