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GATE ME 2022: Thermodynamics-11

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Question 1

3 kg of water initially in saturated liquid state at 2 bar, 25°C[vf = 0.231/m3/kg, uf = 520 kJ/kg, hf = 510 kJ/kg, hg = 2399 kJ/kg]. Heat is added isobarically such that temperature of water raises to 420°C [h = 3385 kJ/kg, u = 2520 kJ/kg, v = 0.058 m3/kg]. Calculate the heat added during the process (in kJ)_______.

Question 2

What will be change in entropy of the system if a piston-cylinder arrangement contains 0.06 m3 of Nitrogen at 1bar and 295K is compressed isothermally until the pressure of the gas becomes 6 bar.

Question 3

What is the maximum possible theoretical efficiency of a heat engine operating with a hot reservoir of gases at 2127°C, when the cooling water available is at 27°C?

Question 4

A heat engine receives heat from the source at 1400 and rejects heat to a sink at 40 The thermal efficiency of the heat engine is 55%. Determine the second law efficiency (in %) _______.

Question 5

The INCORRECT statement about the characteristic of critical point of a pure substance is that

Question 6

An engine operates between temperature limits of 900 K and T2 and another between T2 and 400 K for both to be equally efficient T2 will be equal to __________.
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