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GATE ME 2022: Strength of Material -11

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Question 1

Resilience of a material is considered when it is subjected to

Question 2

A straight bimetallic strip made up of aluminium and steel is heated uniformly by passing current through a coil wounded over it. What can be said about the nature of stress induced?

Question 3

If the value of volumetric strain is 0, then which of the following condition is possible?

Question 4

The state of stress at a point is given by

σx = -20 MPa, σy = 90 MPa, τxy = 40 MPa

the angle between principle plane & plane of pure shear will be

Question 5

Find out the outer diameter of the hollow shaft, if the allowable shear stress induced in it is 53MPa and the permissible value of Torque in it is 2000Nm. Take the value of k to be 0.4 where k is the ratio of inner diameter to outer diameter .

Question 6

Rankine theory is applicable to
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