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GATE ME 2022: Manufacturing-10

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Question 1

Penetration is increased by_______.

Question 2

Green sand mould indicates that________.

Question 3

In a bushmandrel system, a bush was turned on a mandrel. The mandrel diameter in millimeter is 400.00-0.05 and bore diameter of bush is 40+0.06-0.010 . The maximum eccentricity of the bush in mm will be

Question 4

A single point cutting tool designated as follows 8-14-6-6-6-20-1 is used to machine a work with feed rate of 1mm/rev. Then the maximum height of roughness and average roughness, in mm, are respectively

Question 5

A spherical drop of molten metal of radius 2 mm was found to solidify in 10 s. A similar drop of radius 8 mm would solidify in

Question 6

The thickness of a metallic sheet is reduced from an initial value of 16 mm to a final value of 10 mm in one single pass rolling with a pair of cylindrical rollers each of diameter of 400 mm. The bite angle in degree will be
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